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Lassa road fashion

Lassa road fashion

These “winter road fashion” print ads for Lassa caught my eye.

Typeface combinations used in design books

Thinking with Type

Look for typefaces designed by the same designer or created during the same era.

Ask me anything #2

Clandeboye Estate

The second part in the Q&A series.

Things I’m sent

KOH lamp

A lot of what’s sent isn’t worth sharing, but other things are…

How to persuade

Pan Am commercial still

When advertising wasn’t about paid celebrity endorsements, effects and decoration.

Remember those great Volkswagen ads?

Remember those great Volkswagen ads?

“…if you simply appreciate wit and style, you’ll enjoy this book.”

Is success luck of the draw?

King of Clubs

Do you believe there is a factor that leads a designer to be successful?

From the reader #25


Deiter Steffmann’s type collection of Blackletter is free to download.

Ask me anything #1

ADB logo sketches

If I misunderstood any of your questions, feel free to pull me up in the comments.

Pass it on

Logo Design Love spread, Cerovski

I’ve got six copies of the new Logo Design Love book to give away.

OPENING, by Christopher Willits

OPENING, by Christopher Willits

OPENING is a beautifully immersive audio visual recording.

Antisocial media marketing

Dislike button

This is why Facebook isn’t a good marketing spend.

Photo by zeevveez

Drone over Burning Man

Burning Man 2014 from above

Undoubtedly a photographer’s paradise.

Hiiibrand Awards winners

Hiiibrand Awards

I had the pleasure of sitting on the judging panel for the Hiiibrand Awards.

Keep experimenting

S grass

“But what do you show in your book? Well, show some experimentation.”

From the reader #24

Paul Rand, Thoughts on Design

Here’s some good career advice from Moving Brands’ CEO Matt Heinl.

Logo Design Love, second edition, available for pre-order

Logo Design Love

The second edition of Logo Design Love is at the printers.

No More Landmines

No More Landmines poster

Graphic Advocacy is a collection of empathetic and visually compelling messages for our time.

G . F Smith, 1885 onwards

G . F Smith, Portrait of a Company

G . F Smith’s Portrait of a Company just came in the post.

The imai house

imai house

Despite the mixed reviews I’ve read, there’s something about the imai house I find appealing.

Mike Dempsey on “the graphic designer and ethics”

Fat Ronal McDonald graffiti

“A design ‘strategy’ is often little more than a plan of action to hoodwink customers.”

“The button that keeps us on”

On button

But over time I learned how to choose clients more wisely…

Context is key

Armani Exchange logo

A good lesson, from Chermayeff & Geismar’s 2011 book Identify.

From the reader #23

Pejac Line

Pejac. My kind of artist.


Responsive design

I’ve been meaning to launch a responsive WordPress theme for quite a while.

Comic Sans for Cancer

Comic Sans for Cancer

An upcoming exhibition of posters inspired by the 20th anniversary of Comic Sans.

Wigan Little Theatre’s little known facts

Wigan Little Theatre's little known facts

Problem: design a brochure for a small theatre.
Solution: make the brochure small.

Food art pairings

Pantone lemon lime

“Instantly I thought of how people pair food together, and that was that. Pantone pairings.”

Into Asia

Work for Money, Design for Love

You made the book, and it’s out there helping designers all over the world.