Lunatti wordmark


Lunatti is a bold, new Mexican fashion label that needed an equally bold logo and guidance on how to develop the visual identity across a range of applications.

The bespoke wordmark is heavily weighted to retain legibility when used alongside the contrasting colours from the brand gallery. The circular symbol represents the lunar aspect of the name as well as the brand goal of global reach (two prominent factors from the client brief). The left/right split of the symbol was added to hint at lunar phases, and to improve memorability when applied to the container device.

Lunatti symbol
Lunatti mobile
Lunatti fashion
Lunatti fashion
Lunatti banner
Lunatti fashion models
Lunatti bag
Lunatti lanyard
Lunatti advertising
Lunatti brochure cover
Lunatti fashion models
Lunatti shorts logo
Lunatti shorts logo
Lunatti collage
Lunatti symbol
Lunatti fashion
Lunatti fashion
Lunatti shirt neck logo
Lunatti logo signage

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