Collated for the aspiring designers who often ask for advice on branding and visual identity design.

Logo design

The secret language of logos (written and narrated for the BBC)
Logo design: from concept to presentation (Sagi Haviv, on Domestika)
LogoBook (showcase of logos, symbols, & trademarks)
Logo Nature (a smaller online catalogue with some lovely examples)
The Logo Geek podcast (by Ian Paget)
LogoArchive Shop (by Richard Baird)
Logotype masterclass (Jessica Hische, on Skillshare)
Canada Modern (historical archive of trademarks from Canada)

Logo Design Love (side-project, since 2008)

Design history

AIGA Design Archives (dating back to 1924) (curated by Valery Marier)
International Advertising & Design Database (founded by Het ReclameArsenaal)
The People’s Graphic Design Archive (founded by Louise Sandhaus)
Graphic Design History Resources (compiled by We Made This)
Design Reviewed (by Matt Lamont)


Type Specimen (by Mark Boulton)
Fonts Knowledge (by the Google Fonts team)
Fontshare (free fonts by Indian Type Foundry)
ILT (the blog by John Boardley)
Typography principles (by Obys agency)
Letterform Archive (founded by Rob Saunders)
Typographica (by Stephen Coles & Caren Litherland)
Fonts In Use (by Nick Sherman, Stephen Coles, & Sam Berlow)
Free fonts (some interesting display fonts from Pixel Surplus)
Typography resources (from Jeremiah Shoaf, aka Typewolf)
Type Design Resources (from Justin Penner)

Type foundries

Type Foundry Directory (by Matthew Smith)
Type Foundries Archive (by Marcel Häusler, offline archive)
Type Foundry Index (by Mark Johnson & Thomas Drach)

PSD mockups

LiveSurface (premium Illustrator plugin by Joshua Distler)
Mr.Mockup (PSDs by Noeeko)
Envato Elements (by Collis and Cyan Ta’eed, and Jun Rung)
Outdoor advertising mockups (free PSDs from Clear Channel UK)
Layers Design (premium, part of
Yellow Images (thousands of object mockups)
Lstore Graphics (free and premium)
Mockup Cloud (free and premium)
Art Directed Mockups (premium with a few freebies)
Bendito Mockup (premium, by Al Alimón Studio)
The Mockups (premium, by The Brand Identity)
Mockup.Maison (premium selection from various cities)

Freepik (by Alejandro and Pablo Blanes, and Joaquin Cuenca)
Darkroom (very good mockups from sunny Melbourne)
Mockups Design (free, made by Andrew in Poland)
Unblast (mostly free, various design resources)

Photos, videos, & music

Unsplash (by Mikael & the team)
Burst (powered by Shopify)
Pexels (by Bruno & Ingo Joseph, & Daniel Frese)
Morguefile (founded by Michael Connors)
Depositphotos (free photos & videos from the commercial firm)
ISO Republic (various CC0 photos & videos)
LOC Prints & Photographs Catalog (check each image for usage rights)
Free illustrations (no photos here, but a lot of illustration work)
Nature Stock (nature photos and videos, created by Adrian Pelletier)
Mixkit (made by Envato Elements)
AShamaluevMusic (free background music by Aleksandr Shamaluev) (an AI image upscaler, by
Edit • Photo (free online photo editor in your browser)

Icons & symbols

The Noun Project (founded by Sofya Polyakov & Edward Boatman)
Icons (free vector icons from Icons8) 
Ionicons (a smaller resource courtesy of the Ionic team)
Simple Icons (SVG icons/symbols for popular brands)
Heroicons (by the makers of Tailwind CSS)


Trademark basics (by the United States Patent & Trademark Office | USPTO)
Intellectual property: Trade marks (by GOV.UK)
Trade marks (by IP Australia)
Global Brand Database (by the World International Property Organization | WIPO)
History of trademarks (on Respect for Trademarks, by WIPO)

Design pricing


Focus groups are worthless (by Erika Hall)
Go to a dry cleaner and sit there (paraphrasing Bob Gill)

Brand strategy

Branding: In Five and a Half Steps (by Michael Johnson)
How strategic use of design can increase brand value (by Wanda Grimsgaard)
Mistakes in brand strategy (by Stef Hamerlinck)
A blueprint for building brand strategy (by Nomad Studio)
Using strategy in logo design (with Marty Neumeier)

Resource center for brand strategy (another from Stef Hamerlinck)
Marks and Maker (the brand strategy website of Melinda Livesy)
Positioning (by Al Ries & Jack Trout)

Brand naming

Eight principles of naming (by Nick Foley & Matt Gordon)
Naming a business (by Seth Godin)
How to get a name right (by Naresh Ramchandani)
Brand New Name (by Jeremy Miller)
Flexible brand names (on Logo Design Love) (helpful for domain searches)
WIPO Global Brand Database (search trademarks internationally)
Online Etymology Dictionary (the history of English words)
Onym (by Greg Leppert & Willem Van Lancker)
Namecheap (where I source and buy domain names)

Identity compilations

The Brand Identity (resource for graphic design)
Brand New (opinions on brand identity work, from UnderConsideration)
Visuelle (curated by David Bennett)
BP&O (branding, packaging, and opinion, from Richard Baird)
Mirador (the image-hunting work of Say What Studio)
The Design Blog (curated by Ruby Bacanovic)
DoingCoolStuff (studio directory, from Jamie Samman)
Identity Designed (visual identity showcase, since 2010)

Commercial printing

Paper Sizes (for international paper sizes, dimensions & formats)
Inker Linker (for finding recommended print companies, mostly US)
UK commerical printers (an old one of mine, still comes in handy)

Presenting design

An insider’s guide to the design presentation (by Michael Johnson)
Brand identity style guides from around the world (on Logo Design Love) (huge resource, needs sign-in)
Ways designers screw up client presentations (by Mike Monteiro)
Showing sketches to clients (on when it helps and when it doesn’t)
Brand guidelines (collated by Lily Scowen on
iLovePDF (useful PDF tools from Marco Grossi)


Reed Words (London, New York, and Manchester)
Asbury & Asbury (Bollington)
totalcontent (Shakespeare country)
A manifesto on writing for design (by Jim Davies)

On life

A short lesson in perspective (by the late Linds Redding)
The School of Life (founded by Alain de Botton)

Anything else?

If you’ve seen an article or resource that’s helped in your design work, please do drop it in an email. Many thanks for visiting.

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