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Logo & visual identity design

The swoosh, red cross, golden arches, bitten apple; logos often come to mind when we think of a particular brand. They’re ubiquitous. Essential. Yet also just one piece of the visual identity. While the strength of a brand is driven by the quality of its product or service, the quality can be significantly reinforced by a range of designed elements appropriate to what’s on offer.

Line, shape, colour, type, texture, space, imagery — consistent combinations heighten the professionalism and memorability of a brand’s image. And although some companies have an enormous number of items to be considered, good design doesn’t need to be complicated. Rather, the strongest design includes only as much as what’s necessary.

If you’re looking for help elevating your brand’s logo and visual design, that’s been my speciality for twenty years, and I’ll be delighted to hear from you.

Bestselling design books

The books Logo Design Love (Peachpit) and Identity Designed (Rockport) are for design students, graphic designers, and those with something to sell. They’ve been translated into multiple languages, and are recommended reads on design courses in colleges and universities worldwide.

Identity Designed
Logo Design Love

What makes a good logo?

An enviable mark with the potential to become iconic should be simple in appearance, relevant to the business, and distinctive from the competition.

The design process

A successful approach for visual identity projects includes time spent on research, creative strategy, design, and implementation.

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