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Urban interactions: StreetPong

StreetPong data collection

StreetPong. 10/10 for creativity.

150 years of designs for the Dutch Postal Services

Dutch postal service

I just spent too long looking at design history from the Dutch Postal Services.

Designing book covers

Oliver Sacks book cover design

A quick bit of book cover inspiration.

TIME magazine covers: worldwide differences

TIME magazine cover 2045

Selective variations might, on the face of it, appear as censorship, but…

Boat Magazine

Boat Magazine

This lovely publication dropped through my letterbox the other day — the first issue of Boat Magazine.

Patterns in design

tree trunk pattern

When I get creative block, I find it helps to return to design in its most natural form.

Pitching for design work in floating cement factories

Ricardo Bofill cement factory

A few features of interest from the design blogs I follow, and more.

This is the end

The End

A gallery of the end titles from Warner Bros. movies (1924-1967), collated by designer Christian Annyas. Mouse-over each image (there, not here) to reveal the movie.

What if: Sydenham

blank canvas

“If one shop, business, bench or sign is improved due to the work we are showing in here, then we will consider it a success.”


model face

“But that same image, when multiplied a number of times, is often irresistible.”

Olympic pictograms through the ages

Otl Aicher Munich 1972 Olympics pictograms

Designer and AIGA Medalist Steven Heller commentates on Olympic pictograms through the ages in a short video from the New York Times. Watch it after the jump.

The photo above shows Otl Aicher’s famous Munich 1972 pictograms. If you know who the image belongs to, please let me know. It’s a great shot and deserves credit.

AIGA’s response to NEA’s call for logos

AIGA Annual cover Paul Rand

“Only too often, [spec work] results in a client eventually having to bring a more experienced designer onto a project in order to execute it.”

What graphic design schools are lacking

design exhibition

Last month I asked design students and graduates what should be included in an ideal graphic design course.

A call to design students and graduates

design bookshelves

I know that many of you have either been a design student, or are currently enrolled on a design course. Tell me, what would you change about your course?

Lovely Package does alcohol

V.S.O.P. Cognac bottle label design

Inspirational work courtesy of packaging design blog Lovely Package.

Milton Glaser on design studios

Milton Glaser
Photo from PRWeb

“The great benefit of this [everyone sitting together in a single room] is that you can hear what everybody’s saying. I’ve never written a memo in my life, because everybody knows exactly who I’m talking to and what I’m doing. Everybody here knows everybody’s business. If you have a deep sense of privacy I don’t think that you could work for me.”

Graphic design bookstore

graphic design bookstore
Image courtesy of

I’ve launched a graphic design bookstore.

AIGA medalists

Herb Lubalin poster design

The medal of AIGA is the most distinguished in the graphic arts field.

Creativity for a moving world

Moving Brands logo design

Moving Brands is an independent brand agency with offices in London, Tokyo, Zurich and San Francisco. This short movie is a timely piece that makes me think about my life in a technologically-driven world.

A decent proposal

wedding invite design

I asked if she liked the notes I’d been leaving her all week.

The art of the title sequence

Catch Me If You Can title sequence

The title sequence for Catch Me If You Can, in particular, is one of my favourites, and here are a few others worthy of a mention.

Honesty breeds interest

Stefan Sagmeister

“Everyone who is honest is interesting.”

A path for our sins

forbidden fruit

Holding your design in print, as a tangible product, gives a sense of satisfaction that just isn’t there with digital imagery. It seems more permanent, less deletable.

Forbes calls designers snooty

The sulky pants

A one-sided article about the validity of spec work.

Focus on reader comments #4

reader comments

You all know a lot more than I do, and it’s often shown in the quality of your comments. So from time-to-time I like to feature a few of your thoughts, both for the benefit of those who don’t follow the discussions, and as a small thank you.

Here’s the fourth in my ‘focus on reader comments’ series.

Affiliation in the design profession


AIGA, D&AD, Icograda, DBA… just a few of the many trade associations for graphic designers, but how useful are they?

Designing through a recession

line graph

Thoughts from talented designers on the pros and cons of the economic climate.

The Art of Looking Sideways

The Art of Looking Sideways

The Art of Looking Sideways. A visual feast of a design book by the late, great, Alan Fletcher.

Your questions answered #4

Q & A

I talk about the transition from employment to self-employment, what details to include on your business card, web hosting issues, and the services I offer.

Your questions answered #3

question answer

Here I answer another round of your questions, focusing on my decision to specialise in logo design, what to name your freelance design studio, and career advice for recent graphic design graduates.