Sarah in marketing wants to be able to log in directly on the home page, but Tim in engineering would prefer it on its own page. Can we compromise?

“No. We cannot compromise. If you tell your barber that you like it short, but your significant other likes it long, you're gonna get a mullet.”

That was Mike Monteiro on giving better design feedback. It got me wondering how you keep things "on brief" when discussing your work with clients.

DirectionsPhotos by Tom Magliery

When I send design options I'll include a page near the end with advice on how to compare ideas and keep feedback centred on the design brief. I’ll ask questions such as the following, with my own answers afterward:

  • What option will your customers be most receptive toward?
  • What idea is stronger at conveying your company as (insert words from the brief)?
  • What direction is best at helping you stand out from your competitors?
  • What design will keep your identity the freshest for longest?

What do you do to make sure you keep the client feedback focused?