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“It’s easy to think anyone can come up with a good name, but it’s more complicated than that. An idea can come from anywhere, but getting buy in and seeing it through is tough. In fact, naming can be one of the hardest parts of a branding project.”

From a naming handbook by Wolff Olins. Via @gradiate.

A naming handbook

These naming specialists are listed at the end.

With a few relevant books.

I found another that seems worth picking up.

And some online pieces.

When you have a few name ideas, check if they’re available.

And an honourable mention for Bernadette Jiwa who coined Work for Money, Design for Love.

Update: 01 April 2014
How to Name Things, on Subtraction.

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  1. Shelly Neill

    David – I love this blog post and the resource listing. I recently wrote a blog that touched on the aspect of naming in the branding process. ( Would love it if you’d drop by, take a look and leave a comment or pearl of wisdom :) Best to you!

  2. No probs, Shelly. Happy to help.

  3. Thanks for all the links, David. You read my mind. Naming seems like it would be so simple but it’s truly the most difficult for me. I appreciate all these resources in one place.

  4. Thanks for the links David. Coming up with a name during branding can sometimes be pretty difficult nothing better than to make the process easier.

  5. Naming is one of hardest things. It seems so simple but not in reality. I took at least 2 to 3 months for this so I can understand how tough a task it is.

  6. Naming is really hard, still can’t decide what to name my studio till now. Thanks for the resources!

  7. Hi David, another incredible resource (very in-depth, and they give it away for free!) is the pdf download from this naming company I stumbled on a few years back.
    Definitely worth the read.

  8. Tell me about it. After researching names two years ago when I was starting my own business, I felt confident in the name I chose. Three months ago, I received a cease and desist from a much larger firm in CA. After speaking with two trademark attorneys, I’ve learned a lot. Now it’s taken over a month to figure out a new name. We seven started picking random words. Most were taken. It is very difficult to find a unique and compelling name for our “creative” business. Thx for the resources.

  9. Ah no. It’s one thing me changing because I didn’t like what I had, but it’s another because you’re forced to. No luck, Jeff. Is Cinder what you went with?

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