Type foundries worth a look

It’s always useful to have a collection of type foundries to call upon. Here are a few notable mentions.

wood type numbers

An independent type foundry in San Francisco by Christian Robertson.
On Twitter @bttp

Bold Monday
From the Netherlands, founded in 2008 by Paul van der Laan and Pieter van Rosmalen.
On Twitter @boldmonday

An independent type foundry set up by Brighton based design studio, The Entente.
On Twitter @colophonfoundry

Owned and operated by Peter Bruhn in Malmö, Sweden.
On Twitter @FountainType

Hoefler & Co.
Publishes fonts exclusively through its New York sales office and website.
On Twitter @HoeflerCo

Okay Type
Jackson Cavanaugh’s one-person foundry in Chicago.
On Twitter @okaytype

Managed by three partners since 2003: Fred Smeijers, Corina Cotorobai & Rudy Geeraerts.
On Twitter @OurTypeTweets

Creates computer typefaces inspired by art, history, and sometimes science.
On Twitter @P22TypeFoundry

Porchez Typofonderie
Founded in 1994, Porchez Typofonderie is an independent digital type foundry in France.
On Twitter @typofonderie

Process Type Foundry
The Minnesota-based trio of Eric Olson, Nicole Dotin, and Alice Savoie.
On Twitter @processtype

Created in 2006 by type designers Veronika Burian and José Scaglione.
On Twitter @TypeTogether

Run by Peter and Johanna Biľak, collaborating closely with Nikola Djurek.
On Twitter @typotheque

The union of eleven young type foundries from around the world.
On Twitter @vllg

Can you recommend any others?

Wood type image courtesy of Thinkstock

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  1. Ah, wonderful list. I’m really glad to see P22 on there. They’re here in my city, Buffalo, NY – visited them back when I was still in school, a really lovely place run by some really great people.

  2. Great list David, I would have to add Sudtipos (http://sudtipos.com) to that list. If you like your scripts with loads of alternative characters this is the place to hang out.

    Also letterheadfonts.com has some really nostalgic stuff on there, although some of the sample designs are a bit over the top.

  3. May I also add:

    The great Paul Barnes, Christian Schwartz and co.

    ISTD president, Freda Sack. Lovely Architype collections and Foundry Form Sans & Serif work beautifully together.

    Bruno Maag, creator of Activ Grotesk (A rich man’s Helvetica).


  4. Should have added this as well


  5. Great selection! Very happy to see Process Type Foundry on the list. Their very worthy with typefaces such as Klavika,Locator,and Bryant.I’m from St.Paul, so it’s good to see Minnesota in there. :)

  6. Good list, cheers David. Some nice ones I’ve not seen before in there too. Typical though, I’m planning (have written…) a post along these lines for my series! Ah well, that’s life…

  7. Thanks David, great to see that and good to share it with you, very interesting. I have a hand carved wooden image from Switzerland which my brother in law gave me. He came to England to help set up a printing company. I think it is used on a platen.

  8. Thanks very much for those additions, Rob, Tom, Blair. Much obliged. Some excellent work, too.

  9. Owen, feel free to use this page to help with your own resource. I certainly won’t have been the first to collect a few foundry links in one place.

  10. Thanks for list, David, and for the additional foundries from your readers. Always cool to be introduced to some developers I was unaware of and even cooler to see the local crew at P22 given a nod. :)

  11. Great list David. Another great foundry worth adding is New Zealand based Klim (http://klim.co.nz) founded by Kris Sowersby.

  12. Thanks David, great list to bookmark! Huge fan of colophon!

  13. Steve Raccagni

    Great list. I’d probably add House Industries and Chank Diesel.

  14. DS Type, aka Dino Dos Santos:

    Dino sells his fonts through TypeTrust. The gifted Silas Dilworth also has some great fonts for sale there. His Heroic Condensed is a current headline favorite of mine.

  15. Folkert Groeneveld

    Thanks David.
    Here is another foundry with great fonts based out of Southern California.

  16. Thanks for the great list of foundries.
    There’s also a recent one featuring type designs from Canada. All fonts are free or you can pay what you want.


  17. Does anyone know of any type foundries in the Los Angeles area? I’ve been googling my heart out to no avail…

  18. Leah, this is Mark from psType
    I’m based out of Orange County. Anything specific I can help you with?

  19. A pretty interesting one in San Francisco is Neutura: http://www.neutura.org

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