Design blogs on my subscription list

Every day or so I’ll drop by Google Reader Feedly to read new posts from relevant websites. It’s where I find some of the things I tweet.

You said you’d like to see what I subscribe to, and as such…

blue neon arrow

Design blogs

@Issue Journal of Business & Design
A List Apart
Ace Jet 170
Ad Aged
Ad Contrarian
Beast Pieces
Brand New
Creative Review
Daniel Gray
Design Observer
design work life
Graphic BirdWatching
Graphic Journey
I Love Typography
Identity Designed
Information Architects
Logo Design Love
Moving Brands
Noisy Decent Graphics
russell davies
Shoebox Dwelling
Social Design Notes
Sterling Brands: The 3rd Button
The Branding Source
The Crossed Cow
the johnson banks thought for the week
The Story of Telling
things to look at
Type for you.
Unit Editions
We Made This
WordPress Blog

There are a couple of my own blogs in there. That’s just to check the feeds are okay.

I also make a point of visiting every blog linked to by commentators on my sites, and those I follow on Twitter often have me clicking-through from their tweets.

Anyway, hopefully you’ll have discovered one or two new subscription-worthy design blogs.

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  1. Half of them are new to me so thanks for sharing this list!

  2. LOVE this list — thanks, David! Great round-up; these are some of my all-time faves!

  3. Markus Reuter

    Wow, this is a great selection. Thanks for sharing. I see some overlaps between your list and my list. And since I get some inspiration by your list, here is mine:

  4. Nice list, will bookmark quite a few, thanks! I also like to visit and on a regular basis.

  5. Superb resource, thanks a lot, David. =]

  6. Great list. Hopefully I will get mine on the list when I get some time to update the bloomin’ thing!

  7. Useful list, thanks. Hopefully the Stadium blog will make it onto the next list you put together!

  8. Thanks David, I’ve been looking for more blogs to read, myself.

  9. For the “what if” series, Lee, I can imagine it takes a lot of time creating something new. I want to give it a shot myself. Just not right now.

    To everyone else, thanks for the visit. Glad to offer a few links of use.

  10. Jon Liebold

    Thanks for posting these David. Been looking for sites to populate my Delicious bookmarks :)

  11. Wow David,a big list, how great, you even order them alphabetically!! I will post a list of designers we can’t afford to miss their blog in the near future, have you ever come by ?

  12. David, there is a new site online:

    Maybe you find it interesting, too :)

  13. Thanks for the list! We’ve been looking for an up to date summary of good design blogs. Thanks for sharing!

    – Dan Brunn Architecture

  14. David,

    Most of them are new to me. Thanks for revealing them. Now we know what all you appreciate.

    We at have published a list of blogs that we appreciate. Here and here. Hope some of them interest you.

    — FULLfx

  15. Nubbytwiglet’s a good shout, Tin, and although I don’t subscribe, I drop by every once in a while to look at the photography. There are some great pieces of advice there, too, such as:

    How do you market yourself as a designer?

  16. sean green

    Oh wow. Nice list. Thought I had enough to read already! just added a couple of more to my reader… thanks!

  17. Thanks for adding to the list of stuff I need to compulsively check.

  18. Thanks for the list David. I hope to find a little time later today to check a few more of them out.

  19. Great list David. A few I want to check out and a few I haven’t been to in a while.

  20. Yep, I’ve got a few What if’s on the way David. I think you will like the new ones, they need finishing and polishing first.

  21. Hi david – I have been following you for ages and love your site. Just wanted to say thanks for the list and hopefully you might want to check out my new site.

  22. Hi David – I have been following your site for ages and just wanted to say thanks for the list, I am always looking for new sites to check out. Maybe you might want to check out my new shellshockdesign co uk site and let me know your thoughts.

  23. That’s quite the exhaustive list. Thanks for posting because I’m currently working on expanding my website with a smoother, more user friendly design.

  24. Great list David, thanks for sharing.

    David, what are your thoughts about Do you visit it?

  25. No probs, Drew. I’ve never used deviantART. Some years ago a few people would direct me to their work on the site, but that’s about it.

  26. @David thank you for the list, there are quite a few on there that I’ve never visited before.

    For my list it’s been UnderConsideration’s ventures (FPO, Brand New and Quipsologies), September Industry, sometimes Swiss Miss, etc.

    @Drew deviantART is too full of manga-maniacs to make it an easy-browsing design site.

  27. Hey David – thanks for the list. Any chance of a OPML export for a 1-click import into Reader? Would save a whole lot of time. Thanks!

  28. I thought about creating one, Max, and actually started until realising how long it’d take me, but if you’re adding all of these to your current subscriptions, you’ll have a hard time keeping up.

  29. David – can you explain why it would take so long? Google Reader can export a list in a few clicks.

    On my end, I already subscribe to far, far more feeds than I could read daily – I have software that sorts through them and finds interesting/popular/relevant posts.

  30. It’s because of a distinct lack of intuition on my part.

  31. Thanks for the list David, great inspiration on a wet day!

  32. I am doing an article about great designers and this list was a great help in showcasing some great ones!

  33. I keep coming back to this list. Thanks so much for putting it up.

    Can I suggest that you tag it under “resources” also. Is that possible?

  34. Done. Thanks for the suggestion, Ebi. Glad to be of help.

  35. Obrigado por compartilhar tuas fontes de inspiração, acaba de ganhar um seguidor tb.
    You’re on my subscription list!

  36. Jenni Madson

    I was doing a search for good design blogs and came across this page. Great list David! Design Notes & A List Apart are two of my favs, but I look forward to checking out some of the others I hadn’t heard of before.

    If you have time you should checkout the new blog at Northern Ground (full disclaimer I work there now), but specifically follow Jay Beckman’s design posts. He’s incredibly talented and there are lots more good things to come from him:

  37. Hi,
    Thanks so much for posting the rather extensive blog list – I’m setting my own up (very early days and I’m working it all around my family and day job) and I’m looking to network. I’m a freelance graphic designer looking to eventually own and run my own agency.

    If you get the time please visit my blog and portfolio.

    Again, big thanks for posting this! :-)

  38. Hi David, thanks for this very extensive list! I’ve recently started blogging for our own graphics design work and want to network as much as possible. This is definitely a big help!

  39. Hey David, great websites.

    I think its time for a new list! Don’t you? If you do happen to add a new list, please look over the website I run, The Capsule. It features stories and images from various design disciplines such as graphic design, architecture, photography, and more.

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