I hope you’ve had an amazing 2012, and that you have an even better 2013. Thanks, as always, for your visits and chat.


December 27, 2012


I’d not heard of Glass, Florian. Just watched a YouTube clip. Nice project, nice use of wingsuits, too. Speaking of wingsuits, the world record for largest formation was set in California last month:

That’s great David! I’ve always wanted to do that, but my wife won’t let me. Maybe I’ll be able to convince her one day, at least tandem like you did.
by the way, how tall are you?? you towered over the other guy.

Brings back memories of when I took a Military Science class during my undergrad and we had to go repelling… I fell off the side of the building and my friend across campus heard my “Oh {expletive}!” all the way across campus.

Part of me wants to do it but the other part of me would have a heart attack.

But here is hoping 2013 is a much better year. 2012 has been my worst year on record.

6′ 1″, Chris. The instructor was shorter than I am tall. You should definitely do it. Tell your wife the packs cost £13,000, and that if the cord isn’t pulled by a certain altitude, the chute deploys automatically, just in case the instructor passes out.

Jon, what happened? Sorry to know it’s been a bad one. A tiny consolation is that yep, you’re in my book, page 24, talking about what design school didn’t teach you. Just a few sentences from an old blog post of mine, but a few good ones.

Basically everything that could go wrong did go wrong this year. The big thing was my grandmother passed away but things piled on too.

Thanks for including me in the book. One of my students spotted it.

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