Back in 2005 when I started as an independent graphic designer, I did all I could to make myself appear like a big business. I traded under a generic name, my web copy was written in the third-person, and I immediately became VAT-registered (adding unnecessary work for my annual income at the time).

I’m reading a book called Speak Human: Outmarket the Big Guys by Getting Personal. Written by Canadian designer Eric Karjaluoto, here's one of many worthy quotes.

"As businesses get larger, it's easier to hide bad people in them. This is because there are so many things going on, alongside numerous coworkers who can shield one's dismal performance. Toss in some memos, meetings, office politics, and it gets harder to determine whether a staff member is kicking ass or just great at kissing it.

"In a company of one, there's little room for any of this. When you're that tiny, you have little choice but to be exemplary."
— Eric Karjaluoto

Speak Human is available on and on, or you can currently read approximately half the book here on the Speak Human website.