Virgin Run a Holiday

“Every mile you run in Virgin Active gyms earns you an airmile with Virgin Atlantic.”

Virgin Run a Holiday

Virgin Run a Holiday

Virgin Run a Holiday

Virgin Run a Holiday

It’s not limited to Virgin, either. Any airline could partner with a gym, or a manufacturer of electronic gym equipment. A little extra fitness motivation is no bad thing.

See what else Oli + Josie have been up to.

They’re on Twitter, too, @olifrosty and @JosieShedden.

Via CR Blog.

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February 24, 2015


This is fabulous! I’ve paid for three or four gym memberships, bought all of the outfits, and still haven’t been to the gym. Great marketing trick & awesome way to get people like me to actually get out there and work out.

That is brilliant! If this was in gyms I think that it would be highly successful… as long as it’s on more than treadmills because that might cause fights. They could even get other companies like Coles or Woolworths involved so the points you get can buy food (some would be scared of flying).

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