It's always useful to have a collection of type foundries to call upon. Here are a few notable mentions.

Maison Neue, by Milieu Grotesque

An independent type foundry in San Francisco by Christian Robertson.

Bold Monday
From the Netherlands, founded in 2008 by Paul van der Laan and Pieter van Rosmalen.

An independent type foundry set up by Brighton based design studio, The Entente.

Owned and operated by Peter Bruhn in Malmö, Sweden.

Grilli Type
An independent Swiss type foundry, launched in 2009 by Noël Leu and Thierry Blancpain (now includes Nic Sanchez and Reto Moser).

Hoefler & Co.
Publishes fonts exclusively through its New York sales office and website.

Milieu Grotesque
An exclusive library of typefaces since 2010, from the type design studio in Cascais, Portugal.

Okay Type
Jackson Cavanaugh's one-person foundry in Chicago.

Managed by three partners since 2003: Fred Smeijers, Corina Cotorobai & Rudy Geeraerts.

Creates computer typefaces inspired by art, history, and sometimes science.

Porchez Typofonderie
Founded in 1994, Porchez Typofonderie is an independent digital type foundry in France.

Process Type Foundry
The Minnesota-based trio of Eric Olson, Nicole Dotin, and Alice Savoie.

Created in 2006 by type designers Veronika Burian and José Scaglione.

Run by Peter and Johanna Bi?ak, collaborating closely with Nikola Djurek.

The union of eleven young type foundries from around the world.