It can take time finding talented graphic designers, but it’s fair to say the best have a healthy online presence. So to make things easier, here are some graphic design blogs worth a look. I’ve listed them by Google PageRank — Google’s way of determining a website’s authority, but don’t read into it too much — many have an authority far beyond a single digit.

Design Observer

Design Observer: writings about design & culture

Smashing Magazine

Smashing Magazine – a weblog dedicated to web-developers and designers


Core77 / design magazine + resource /

Authentic Boredom

Authentic Boredom – by graphic designer, Cameron Moll

Coudal Partners

Coudal Partners: a forum for creativity and experimentation

Creative Review Blog

CR Blog – News and views on visual communications from the writers of Creative Review


Dexigner – popular design portal featuring the latest design news

Hicks Design

Hicksdesign – Journal of a small creative agency based in Witney, Oxfordshire, UK, authored by Jon Hicks

I Love Typography

I Love Typography, devoted to fonts, typefaces and all things typographical.

Mark Boulton

Mark Boulton: Design Thinking. Web Delivery. By a designer based in Cardiff, UK.


Quipsologies – Corralling the most relevant and creative on- and off-line bits that pertain to the design community.

Russell Davies

Russell Davies – incredibly diverse UK-based blog on topics associated with design

Speak Up

Speak Up > Design Dialog


Subtraction 7.0 –’s Design Director, Khoi Vinh, blogs about design and other relevant info.


swissmiss – tina roth eisenberg | swiss designer gone nyc


Typographica. A Journal of Typography.

Veer The Skinny

Veer: The Skinny – provides visual elements for use in professional creative work

Veerle's Blog

Veerle’s blog 2.0 – Webdesign – XHTML CSS | Graphic Design

Logo Design Love

Logo Design Love: a website dedicated to all things logo.

Ace Jet 170

Ace Jet 170 – Found type, print and stuff


AisleOne – Design, typography and everything else.

Chris Glass

Chris Glass, The Last 10 Days. A creative fella’s journal from Ohio.

Creative Curio

Creative Curio – Learn, discuss and explore the realm of graphic design.

Design Notes

Design Notes published by Michael Surtees who tries to see life filtered through design as opposed to placing design on a pedestal

Designers Who Blog

Designers who Blog – features blogs discussing graphic design, web design, illustration, marketing, photography, branding, writing and advertising

Design is Kinky

Design is Kinky – a proudly Australian blog on design

Design Mag — Articles and Resources for Web Designers

Design View

Design View: Articles, Essays and Opinions by Andy Rutledge

Grain Edit

Grain Edit – covers contemporary graphic design / illustration, as well as design from the from the golden era of advertising (1950s–1970s).


ideasonideas, a blog that invites dialogue on issues relevant to communication designers and brand strategists

Inspiration Bit

Inspiration Bit – Get inspired and learn from the latest technology, art and design buzz on the Web.


ISO50 – The Visual Work of Scott Hansen


Jasongraphix :: A journal of art, thoughts, and projects by Jason Beaird

Noisy Decent Graphics

Noisy Decent Graphics by Ben Terrett, a Graphic Designer in London

positive space

Positive Space :: The Graphic Design Blog

Spoon Graphics

Spoon Graphics – the personal project of Chris Spooner, a UK based Graphic / Web Designer.

Swiss Legacy

Swiss Legacy – Graphic design and typography

The Dieline

The Dieline – packaging design blog

things to look at

things to look at – plenty of images, and oddly, things to look at

Type for you.

Type for you. A blog on typography, by Pedro Serrão, a graphic designer from Porto, Portugal.


TypeNeu dedicated to typography, fonts, lettering and typefaces


AdGoodness – advertising and design blog from Frederik Samuel

Andy Budd

Andy Budd :: Blogography – based in Brighton, England


Computerlove – Contemporary Creative Culture

David the Designer

David the Designer – don’t underestimate the knowledge this man has acquired (and don’t call him Dave)

Elliot Swan

Elliot Swan survived three days without the internet


FormFiftyFive – Design Inspiration – the pet project of designers Glenn Garriock and Jack Daly


graphicPUSH – “a sporadically but faithfully updated design blog”

Graphic Design Blog

Graphic Design Blog – graphic design, freelancing, illustration, advertising, web design


NOTCOT.ORG – for your ideas + aesthetics + amusement.

Daniel Gray

Daniel Gray

We Made This

We Made This (It’s Our Blog)

Just Creative Design

Just Creative Design – by Jacob Cass

Truly Ace

Truly Ace – Graphic Design Blog

Don’t forget to check out the blogs I subscribe to — changed a lot since this post was published.

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November 12, 2007


Hi David, Great idea to list all of these in one place, there a lot I visit but some new ones too which is great and will keep me ocupied for hours. Thanks for the inclusion too.

Thanks for the link, David!!! Is it too much of a kiss up to say that I’m always inspired by your blog? You put so much time and thought into what people might want to read, and you always respond to comments.

You rule!

Hi David,

Nice list of blogs (and thanks for including DWB)

“I’m certain that there are many more excellent graphic design blogs online, and if you’re familiar with any, please do let me know. ”

A couple of my favourites:

Speak Up › Design Dialog

Anything by Von Glitschka
Art Backwash
Illustration Class
The Illustrative Designer

Stefan G. Bucher’s DAILY MONSTER

I wish I had more time to share as there are a ton of great design blogs out there. Andy Budd, Andy Rutledge, Creative Bits …

Checking … I have over 400 blogs listed at DWB in the design category. And a ton in my sidebar.

Enjoy :-)

Hi Tara, it’s something I’d been meaning to do for a while now, and of course I’d have to give Graphic Design Blog a mention.

Leslie, not too much of a kiss-up, no. We’re all partial to a little flattery.

Cat, that’s fantastic, and thanks for taking the time. You think that by mentioning DWB that I’d have the intelligence to spend some time in your sidebar. But no. That’d be too easy.

It looks like you got the links and banners swapped for The Serif, for SonSpring and Swiss Legacy.

I am new here – what do the ‘PR 8’ and ‘PR 3’ relate? It looks a bit like a scale of intensity of focus on design theory (PR 8) to diversity of topics within the design business and design community (PR 3).

Richard, swearing does work against you. As does blogging in your dressing gown (which is why my PR isn’t higher).

Google works it out by the number of links that are pointing towards your site, amongst some other things which I don’t know too much about. Check the Wikipedia entry for more info.

Great list. I’ll have to go through some of the ones that aren’t all that familiar to me. I’d push my blog,, but it’s more about branding and design as opposed to strictly graphic design. I enjoy reading your posts…keep it up!

Great list David – thanks for including my site. I’m always interested in frequenting other blogs in our niche, so it’s nice to have this list all in one place!

David excellent list! Any list with Veerle’s blog is worth a look. It is always great to discover a few sites/blogs i haven’t seen or heard of before.

I don’t really blog about design, but I was wondering why my pagerank would go from 2 to 1. My traffic went from 20 a day to over 1000 a day, and I added plenty of new content, and my pagerank went to 1. I don’t have any ads and only a few external links. I also increased my backlinks.

David, I like your list of 50 designer websites and your work — good stuff! :-)

I’m a designer and art director who has been in the field 17+ years and have been blogging since 2003.

On my Rohdesign bog, I write about the logo, web, print and icon design I do. I especially enjoy sharing the creative process I follow for each project — which appears similar to how you write posts for each of your logo design projects:

I’m a bit old school in that I start projects with pencil sketch concepts on paper, then move to the Mac for B&W and color work to complete the final design. I also like to share observations from other areas which interest me, like technology, mobile devices and sketching, to keep the blog well rounded.

Cheers and thanks for the inspiration!

Dave, some excellent choices in your sidebar, and a few of my favourites too. Glad there’s something you enjoy on my site.

Randa, you’re very welcome. Your blog is one I’ve been reading for quite some time now. One of my first ever subscriptions.

Harris, PR is a touchy subject with some blog authors now, with the whole paid link debate going on. I’m far from being in the know.

Mike, good of you to stop by, and thanks for the run-down on your own blog.

I don’t believe your method of sketching is old school. I think it should be compulsory for design projects. Sketching is the fastest way to churn out ideas, and using a computer can be very restricting.

Hey there David, thanks for the mention. Mighty kind of you. Looking forward to joining the big kids at PRs 5 and 4 someday…

Hugs and kisses from We Made This

David, I would agree that sketching ought to be an integral part of any design project, and that it is freeing and effective for getting good concepts down quickly on paper.

I find it invaluable for my design practice and always encourage other designers to get good sketchbooks and pencils, so they can make sketching an integral part of their own design processes.

I too feel going to the computer before sketching ideas very restricting. When I sketch my hand and mind are free to explore any idea whatsoever. Once I step into the digital space, everything goes a bit more rigid, I start thinking too specifically about fonts and other technical details.

I don’t know what percentage of designers use sketching in their process vs. going right to the computer, but I sense that those designers who sketch first are becoming fewer and farther between. I know that’s quite anecdotal, so I would love to see Speak Up or Design Observer poll designers on whether they sketch before they go digital.

As for samples of design work with sketches, here are some to check out:




CGI Interactive

Liquid Fitness

Thanks again David!

huh, thanks for the double surprise, David: for listing my blog here and for letting me know that my site’s page rank is 5. Last time I checked it (last month or so) it was 4.

There many design blogs on your list that I wasn’t familiar with. Bookmarking this post to check those sites. Thanks for putting it together!

You’re very welcome, Alistair.

Mike, I thought I’d seen your site before. I checked out the ProBlogger logo when it was first released on Darren’s blog. Love the way you present your ideas.

Aaron, Vivien, adding your blogs was my pleasure.

Darius, just took a look at COLOURlovers. I’ll have to add that.

Brian, thanks for the suggestion, although I was trying to restrict the list to graphic design blogs, rather than web design. There’s some overlap, which is expected, but I notice Web Designer Wall is running a poll on logo design. I guess you’re right.

A very good list, although the ranking according to Google PR bothers me a bit – I cannot really explain why – it’s maybe just because Google PR is not a quality warranty.
I am familiar with most of these blogs, but of course I have a favorite. Can you guess which one? ;)

Wah!.. Some I already knew, but many are new. Will take me hours browsing all of it..
Thanks David for sharing! Lucky you have only 50.. imagine if you’ve listed 100.. Ha! Ha!

Mig, you’re absolutely right about. I’d thought about using Technorati’s ranking to sort out the list, but that changes on an almost daily basis, and I don’t know how to create an algorithm.

I know it’s a touchy subject with the penalties being dished out, so I’ve added a little note at the top of the post, telling people not to read too much into the ranking.

Ah! Yay! I can finally get to this page! That was so weird yesterday that something on this post kept shutting down my browser (well, it is lousy IE 6 after all… go figure it would have issues!).

Anyway, just wanted to say thanks for the mention, David! I was interested to see the PR of the blogs I read, too. What a great idea to list all these blogs for us! Not to mention I bet it got the attention of some of the authors ;) A List Apart doesn’t count as a blog? I guess it’s more of an emagazine. I bet this list could take off like the W list (don’t know if you saw that one with all the Successful and Outstanding Women Bloggers. I still get notices about people spreading that list around!)

I have at least heard of most of these you’ve listed and the one I’m definitely going to check out is Graphic Define. Do they cover freelancers too? The business side of design seems to be the thing that people are most hesitant to give advice about; it’s nice to see a blog dedicated to that specific aspect. Thanks again for sharing and for the link, David!!

LaurenMarie, GraphicDefine is an excellent resource run by Dan Schutzsmith. He covers the gamut — business, freelancing, inspiration, and more. I also get good links from Dan’s links from GD, that guy is always out finding the coolest stuff. Dan is a great guy to boot! :-)

Wow, the timing of this entry couldn’t be any better for me. I recently launched my own graphic design blog and have been searching through other designer’s blogs for inspiration. You’ve made it very easy for me to figure out where to look first. Thanks!

Lauren, for some reason, IE6 couldn’t handle the links in the blog images above, so I had to go through the post, removing those links, making it simply the text alone that you can click. It wasn’t just your browser that crashed when viewing my site, so I really appreciated you letting me know. Quite a lot of visitors are using that version of Internet Explorer.

As Mike said, Dan at Graphic Define is a great guy, and actually put some business my way. Remember the Miskeeto logo? Dan directed his friend, Robert, to me, and we took it from there.

Karly, glad to offer some inspiration, and best wishes for your new blog. Here’s a tip, instead of showing the text “No comments” when one of your blog posts hasn’t yet received a note, how about changing it to “Leave your thoughts” or “What’s your opinion?” I think it’s more positive.

Hi Mike, I saw you are on the writing staff over there too! I looked through a couple of articles and that’s all I needed. I’m subscribed now :) I can identify with so many of the things the authors say!

David, I’m glad you figured out what was causing the problem. And I meant to say earlier that I appreciate you taking the time to do this! All those screen captures and linking must’ve taken forever!!

Great list, David. Thanks for mentioning iLT. There are quite a number that I’ve never heard of, so I’m off to spend a little time perusing those.

Also like the idea of a header image article. I love too. One of my new favourite sites. Well-designed and very high quality tutorials.

Sorry for the 2nd comment, I JUST read the comment above mine and I didn’t see any mention of it… I must be going blind in my old age!

Thanks Morey, I’ve already added cpluv.

Darryl, thanks for those. I’ve added NOTCOT and Core77 to the list, as well as UnderConsideration’s Quipsologies. Give me a while and you should see your own up.

Lauren, yeah, it did take a while, but I think it’s more interesting than a simple text list — big fan of images in blog posts.

Johno, you’re very welcome. Couldn’t have compiled the list without thinking of iLT. I took a look at, but oddly there were no posts on show. Perhaps they’re having problems?

Wow! – great list, just blogged stumbled it – I think my feed subscriber list is going to take a little jump shortly :)

Thanks for posting


What a list!
Very very very……………….Exhaustive!!!
So much to learn from them all. Good compilation David. I just thought if somebody could come up with such a list. And yes! it has arrived just at the right moment.

Hi David,
Thanks so much for adding my blog on rare design books + Type specimens ( ) to your list. I’m really excited! we’ve only been up a short time, How did you find us?

Take care and thanks again!
grain edit

Did someone say I was a great guy?! :) I won’t argue! Seriously though, thank you so much David for including Graphic Define on here. I know the industry has been wondering what has been going on over there since the last issue that was posted in August. Truth is that I am a “one-man-show” so I don’t always have the time to chase down articles, find photography, update the site, etc….but also I have been working on the next iteration of the site, including some handy dandy web apps that I think every designer is going to say “Finally!” to.

Great list here, good to see some new faces in the online design community as well as some old favorites!

Johno, that PSDtuts website is great! I like how clean and relatively ad-free it is. Is that author Collis, Collis Ta’eed? Of Freelance Switch and formerly of NxE? Ah! Freelance Switch! There’s another one for the list, perhaps, David?

Great resource! We have most of these listed on our site… another art blog worth mentioning- Have a look and let me know what you think! Cheers.

I love lists like this. Well done David. :) Several of these are regular reads for me, but a great many I had not heard of (or forgot about)! I’m flattered and honored to be included as well. Hard to believe I made it on the same page as blogs like Smashing Magazine, Subtraction and Design View (three of my faves).

@Lauren – PSDtuts is really cool I agree. I just recently found it. There was a tutorial on creating a Mac style background image. Gee whaddaya know right? ;)

David, my own feed subscriptions took a jump too. Before researching this list I wasn’t familiar with a lot of the entries.

Dave, I think I found out about Grain Edit through another blogroll, but I can’t remember. Regardless, more than happy to have you in the list.

Daniel, Graphic Define is an excellent resource, and to keep that going as a one-man-show is superb.

Richard, the OPML is something I meant to do, but wasn’t sure how. I know there are some tutorials around the place, perhaps on Andy Beard’s blog. I’ll have to look, but if you know of one, I’d appreciate you letting me know.

Lauren, thanks for the suggestion, Freelance Switch seems to be a popular resource for many graphic designers.

Fairspot, good luck with your own blog. Looks very professional, and I hope you reach your goals with it. As I list the sites above by Google PageRank, you don’t make the top 50 (because your site is very new). Thanks for stopping by though.

Andrew, yeah, there are quite a few Google results that don’t fit the bill when searching for “graphic design blogs.”

Nice list David,
I was wondering if you could make available a OPML file for these? (Hope that’s not been suggested yet. I didn’t go through all the comments).


Wow…cool list David,
Verlee’s Blog still on the top since the first time I knew about her blog about 2 years ago. ;) I wish I’m that smart LOL

Thanks for that! I was astounded (and stoked) to end up with a PR5 in the recent update – and lots of my other sites got great PRs too! In a way it’s a shame I still have no intention of monetising… ;)

Paul, I’m sure there are some other ways you can leverage the increased traffic. Like you, I’m not monetising my site. Instead, it’s a great way to promote my services.

Thanks David for gathering these up. Whew…

I feel good that I’ve been to a good 20+ over the years — and many of them on a regular basis… That said, I have a LOT of surfing and reading to do! :-)

Thanks a lot for the mention, David!

Due to moving, I’m only online once in a while when I’m at the uni, so it’s difficult to keep up with what’s happening. Beautiful list; I’ll bookmark it!

Hey David,

Where’s mine? ;)

Anyways Core77 is not Graphic design, its Industrial Design. Thought to let you know!

Correct me if I am wrong –
This is not the top 50 graphic design blogs but rather the 50 most seen graphic design blogs?

Hi DT, still no joy with the PR issue I see. I added Core77 on the request of another, and having took a look around it, for the first time, I thought it had some relevant articles to the graphic design field.

Joe, every list has to start somewhere, so do let me know of those better design blogs, I’d be more than happy to include them.

Congratulations! Your list of graphic design blogs is much more solid than mine, published some time ago. I was a bit busy or a bit lazy :) Anyway it seems to me that I will use your list quite often.

Hi David,

Yes, other than a well bruised ego, there does not seem to be any other impact. I am tempted to get it fixed, but by doing do means I cut a large income from my site that is used for server and web design payments.

Go with google site dies, dont take the PR hit like a man….

Do your advertisers all require you to have removed the ‘nofollow’ tag from their links? Perhaps you could still fulfil your contract whilst requesting reconsideration at the same time?

Great list, very useful. I’ve put a lot of these into a Netvibes tab. Netvibes is a great tool for blog reading, check it out at

I just started a blog as part of my new website. I’m still working out what to write in it and ‘finding my voice’ as it were, so at the moment it’s a bit of a mashup of design, branding malarchy, random observations, London life and my own interests, but if anyone is curious, they can find it here: and any feedback is greatly appreciated. I’m enjoying getting to grips with it anyway…


thanks for the list.
the pr ranking is very flawed though…. i was at PR 6, and got bumped by two points to PR 4 just becuase i have textlink ads on my site. google is playing god!


Greg, Ed, glad you both like, and thanks for commenting. Here’s something I’m wondering about – my domain name was recently stolen, so I had to move my blog. Will you receive a notification to visit my old (stolen) website or has this updated to show Any help you can spare would be appreciated.


Glad you like the list, and I appreciate you saying so.


You’re spot on about the whole Google PR thing being skewed, and you’re one of the many who deserve more credit.

Thanks for this list – i’ll start ploughing my way through them after dinner! I can’t get enough of design blogs at the moment. Veerles and Bittbox i knew about but if the others are as good, then i’ll never get any work done!

Thank you very much for the list.
Now I certainly know what to do in the next couple of days :)

hi David, a great post, your incredible list of comments is a proof of what i’m saying. I’d like to tell you two sites of interest where i’ve found great resources:

– Desktop Publishing – in this section they have plenty of information, it’s a directory but with useful and selected resources (i think)
– Design Training – good resources to whom wants to be a designer. Look the graphic section here

hope you all find them useful!

Glad I connected here… this is an awesome resource list, great reading… I’m going to post my favorite 5 on my blog sometime this week.

Thanks David!

The Merry Bird…pen, ink and design

They sure are. I continue to receive a steady stream of visitors from this post.
(thanks again David)

This is an excellent source for graphic design information. I am working on starting a few blogs that aren’t quite up yet, but they will include plenty of good info for design technique and marketing trends. I plan to post a new entry every day… The blogs will be an offshoot from my commercial site:

Hi Dave!! you have done some excellent research to this post. good job! excellent collection of sites too.
I like the categories you have choosen.. my favourites.

Hey David, really liked the post you made and the great research that went into to collecting all the sites. Most of them a really good quality and look exceptional. I really liked checking out and few and from what I see they are good and well basically, congratulations on the list. I think the time spent finding them did indeed pay off in the end.

Crystal, Matt, Daniel,

Glad you found use in this list of design blogs. I’m a regular visitor to many of them, and thought it the least I could do to give a little back.

Yes, pagerank can help but it´s not the most important thing since it changes even when you change the layout of your blog. Some blogs have great articles and still have pagerank zero.

Oh thanks for updating my header image! Your wrist must be doing better :)

I think some of these blogs that are more influential but have a low PageRank have been knocked by Google for selling ads without the rel=nofollow attached (which is basically selling PR, a Google no-no).


Page Rank isn’t the most important thing. Far from it, I agree.


Added you up, and thanks for the suggestion.


My hand is a great deal better, thanks. It still throbs from time to time, so I need to take a typing break and elevate it, but I can’t stand sitting around for too long doing nothing. It’ll be a while before I can sketch again, but at least I can make use of one or two right-hand fingers for typing. As for the Google PR, I think you’re spot on about certain sites aquiring penalties.

A fantastic list – most of which I currently read, but a few new ones. I thought I might toss in Elite By Design – PR 5 as of right now. But of course, that is up to your discretion :)

hello! – great list, really appreciate all the hardwork that went into making this a resource that i can use time and time again.

i started a blog a month ago called Booooooom! it’s growing really fast, about 75,000 hits this month but still too young to have a Google Ranking, hopefully ill have one in the next couple weeks. i am trying to get people excited about fun group projects as well as post items for inspiration. take a look if you have a second!


Hi David
Checked this list last year, some excellent new ones added! Check my blog out if you have got time!

keep up the good work


Hi David…great list! I only see one omission…the one I publish! ;-) Notes on Design ( NoD ). I hope after having a look at the site you’ll consider adding us. Thanks for your consideration. Oh, we also publish Notes on Game Dev (NoGD) that focuses on the game development and game art industry. Best, Scott

Great list – I wish I had the time to read all of these sites regularly (I do recognize several in there that I admire already)!

Not to add to the clutter, but can you take a look at our blog and see if it passes?

I’d like to introduce my own design blog, Ben Stevens Design. I only started blogging last week… so its all still very new! I hope you can find the time to take a look around.


Hi David, thanks for the post, found a lot of great stuff linking from this page.
We also run the site Australian Edge, which focuses on Australian creativity. Updating with interviews all the time. If anyone knows any aussies doing good work, please get in touch, we are always looking for new features.

Wow. That’s a lot of work. Thank you for posting these. There are so many to keep track of… Its great that someone can catalog so many.

Great resource and list, will certainly be bookmarking this page. As for another blog, It’s a mix of design and art, but studiotwentysix2 is nice too — they have a good sense of humor.

studiotwentysix2 blog

Thanks for compiling the list. It saves time when someone else has done all the work for you and all you have to do is bookmark the site. Thanks again

Great List! Thanks for posting. I also have a design blog called Design Muse (type, print, packaging, illustration and decor). Check it out and let me know what you think.


I’m always looking to read specifically about book design. I enjoy considering others’ take on that seemingly limited area of design, in addition to have material to think on when it’s tough to start the engine. So … any suggestions in that regard, David?

It’s one of those things were I go looking periodically for new ones that are on topic or just read interestingly to me. And then I list them in my blogroll. Which isn’t to say that every one I’ve come across is there. There busier I am, and that’s been quite over the last year or so, the less attention I pay to reading the blogs on my blogroll.

I used to check each blog on my blogroll daily, but haven’t in 6 months, easily. Frankly, because I can leave Twhirl open on the side of my desktop and it tells me when tweets come in, as well as replies to me in particular, it’s replaced much of my blog reading–except for when a link refers me to someone’s blog. But I’m meaning to go thru my blogroll, see whether they’re all still relevant to me and then perhaps I’ll blog on which are and why, as well as any new ones I find. … When I get some time. Meantime I’ll stay involved outside my little world via Twitter.

Thanks for the terrific article! Maybe your next one should be on how to promote your design blog! as it seems that I along with many others here have a design blog!

We are a small, fast growing design agency in London, UK focused on the convergence of design, art and media. We work in a new arena of design in London, and we’re keeping close ties on our blog with the london scene.

Do check in!

-Daniel Siden

Hi David,

What a great list! I will definitely refer back to this when looking for future inspiration!

I don’t know if I am worthy or not but I have a blog at It is still quite sparse, but I am intending on being persistent with it.

Thanks for this compilation!


Good luck with your own blogging efforts. I advise moving away from Blogger, and have your content self-hosted. That way, your content isn’t overly reliant on any third-party.


I remember when I first added the Feedburner chicklet to my site, I waited until I had at least 500 subscribers. My advice is to wait a while before showing the counter, if indeed that’s what you intend on sticking with. Many of my favourite blogs don’t bother.

I have a mental list of my favorite designers and stuff, Andrew Kramer for motion graphics and visual effects, Lee Brimelow and Egoraptor for flash stuff, and David Airey for graphic design has just been added to that list. Very inspiring work. I’m totally jealous at fact that your name is easy to pronounce and brand David!

I am however, starting my design blog, I haven’t decided its exact purpose yet, but I’m aiming towards free design resources, great tutorials, tips and inspiration. From there I will decide a name and logo for the site. I’m only 20 years old and in my final year for my degree in Multimedia Design.

Please visit and leave a comment or two, and if David could give me some feedback that would be SUPER awesome.

Thanks guys.

Hi Yashvir,

A few suggestions for your site:

  • The portfolio formatting needs correcting (viewing in FF on Mac)
  • Personally, I’d lose the sound effects, and think that will help retain visitors
  • Don’t display third party ads when your aim is to promote you

All the very best with it, and thanks for the kind compliment.

While lists such as this often carry the risk of inflicting a sense of deja vu in the reader, I must confess that your list had quite a few names to suggest. I’ve bookmarked it already and will be returning to it again in the future. This sure looks like a neatly compiled list that will prove to be useful. Thanks David.

Looking thru again, I’m surprised how many I’ve read and read. When I think about it, I’m kind of overwhelmed by all the designers who share their points of view on the whole world of it: working, getting work, the tools they use, etc.

It’s prob’ly silly of me to speak in superlatives, but I wonder whether there’s a community of people who are otherwise competitors that are as generous and sharing as designers.

If you get to adding to the list, I’d appreciate it if you added my blog, about freelance design and production of books.

My thanks, David.

Hey David. I just stumbled onto this page, I don’t know how I missed something this great before lol. I already subscribed to most of them but there were a few gems listed here that I didn’t know about. Thanks!

Thanks a lot everyone. It’s pleasing that you’re still finding use from this list.

I’ve updated it perhaps three or four times since it first went live, and I’m sure I’ll do so again in the near future (when I have a little more time on my hands).


Quite a few changes at your site since the last time I visited. So you know, the “work” link in your footer is broken. You have a /blog/ element in there that should be removed.

David, its a really great list… I just wonder, do you have time to read all this blogs? I’d love to have days of 48 hours… thanks for the list anyway.

You have such great useful information. You site is almost like a one-stop-shop. If I need to look up something or need inspiration….here I am on this site again!

Great little resource, thank you. you’ve helped me spend several more days surfing and several less days “doing stuff”

Best wishes,


thanks a lot for the blog list, many of them with nice design, some of them with really stylish look.
definitely I’ll make a blog for myself. can you imagine a designer with no blog yet? :))

Since I own & I think my inclusion in this list should be above Jacob Cass since he has been infringing on my copyrighted name, so he can get to the top of Google. I have asked him several times to take down my site name from his blog posts.

He is a domain name thief, and he is in the process of being black-listed from all the major search engines for using my domain name in an illegal manner.

If Jacob Cass’ site name is just creative design than why not title it “just creative design”?

He has titled his blog pages 99 Graphic Design Resources – which is a name I own.

I’ve owned the name since 2003, that’s 9 years, and I’m not about to let someone else steal my branded trademarked copyrighted name.

I am a persistent feisty red head and will blog till my fingers bleed until Jacob Cass gets his greedy self off my brand.

Jacob Cass is not a designer hes a poser. Obviously he’s begging for a spot on your list. He’s not worthy.

I am not mad at you. I am just informing you of Jacob’s actions, and I have asked him 2 times to take down my DN from his site. He refuses and has not even responded.

What if someone used you’re DN name to bump you from the search engines, and they were using your DN to do it, how would you feel?

I’m just saying its wrong and he needs to remove my name and everyone needs to remove him from their site because it’s unethical.

I’m going to ask him one more time and then I’m going to contact all the major search engines and force his removal for black hat SEO practices and copyright infringement.

Hello Charlotte,

I’m sorry to hear of this Charlotte however this is the first I have heard of your problem (a friend just alerted me of this comment). I’ve never had any contact from you and I believe you may have bit of a misunderstanding of domain names and copyright. I will try explain this so that we both can come to a happy conclusion.

First off, my understanding is that you claiming you own – yes this is yours I do not wish to own the domain.

From your words, I see the problem arises from a blog post (not domain) that I posted in 2008 that was named “99 Graphic Design Resources“. This is in no way related to your website but rather is just a blog article providing resources for designers around the world – it just so happens it has similar keywords as your domain and this is why it comes up first in Search Engines.

You mention that you would like me to “remove my name” however could you please elaborate on what you mean by this. I would like this to be resolved happily on both ends.

Thanks Charlotte (please email me using the contact form on my website to clear this up).

Great list David. How in the world do you keep up with 50 of these sites? Very inspirational and very educational altogether. The last time I visited you were working on some logo designs for yourself. I hope it worked out for ya.

I have tried to contact you jacob but you did not reply ” I dont understand why you have use my domain name as youre blog post no one else uses (99) its always an even number like 100 50 25 “resources for graphic designers”
here is an example:Top 100 graphic design Blogs for graphic designers

Youre blog title doesn’t make since, “99 graphic design resources” you used my name to steal my traffic, I should have the first spot under my own domain name. How would you feel if someone else did this to you?

my domain name is
I also own

99designs i feel is cutting it close to infringing on my name as well but it is only similiar- however you are bold face stealing my company name and slogan.

99graphicdesigns is not just my domain its my company name.
I went to college I know what my rights are and you are breaking them mister.

Thanks for compiling a list of cool blogs and I enjoyed reading some of the comments. Recently I have been looking for insightful information about design to research the latest trends and this was a great resource. I appreciate you taking the time to put this together.

Thanks so much for this list. It’ s always great when someone brings all the good stuff together. Saves me so much time.

Hi check out this blog

The concept of CreativeRoots is to create an art and design collection, based on countries of the world. Every post has some historical or cultural relationship expressed through art and design, which is either related to or influenced by a specific country.

This blog should give ideas and inspiration, so as to cut down on long research hours. It can be a long and tedious process to find the right and in-depth information, especially from non-industrial countries, that do not have a well-established art and design network/society.


Just for the record, here’s mine: daily brilliant design, great ideas and absurd concepts, in English and Spanish language.

(Linked through the name.)



Some of this list is a joke ~ veerle in my opinion is not a good designer jacob and you the designer are the same thing. These are not the sites I frequent except for a few… smashing magazine should not even be on the same page as some of these designers smashing magazine is not even in the same league. They are the best, you are missing css play Alist and a bunch of other great sites.

Hi David!
Not sure if my blog/site qualifies, as I write about our letterpress services…
But it’s blog style, more or less, and we have a nice letterpress FAQ, etc.

We’ve got a PR of 4, which I’m pretty happy about, having just figured out how to look that up…


Hi David

Thanks for the link, these blogs are such a powerful tool, thanks for taking the time to list, and generate, such a useful list, only found you by searching for desgin and you came up no.1…… the power of the blog!!!

thanks matt

Awesome collection, David. Thanks for sharing.

It`s kinda funny..50 graphic design blogs and only few are having logos that can be also listed as a `top`.. :)

And that’s what this list is, Charlotte—my opinion. You’re more than welcome to disagree. Besides, it’s more than 2 years old, and such a collection would look fairly different today.

Barry, Peter, no worries at all about mentioning your blogs. I’ll drop by shortly and have a look.

Probably, this is one of the finest post on graphic design history. I consider this post as directory for popular graphic design blogs, Thank you David for sharing this post.

Wow. I read lot’s of web design blogs. And I’ve always thought that I know almost all of them. Well, this list is the reason why I have to change such opinion :). This list includes lots of great blogs that I’ve never heard of. Thanks for publishing :)

Hi David

We recently launched a design (and marketing) blog at, while our minimalist primary site’s also likely to interest designers (, the research based marketing articles on our blog site might interest design company clients – which can be of significant value for business development.

Hope the info’s of use to your visitors.

John V

This is great stuff and very inspiring – It’s always great to see what’s new in Graphic Design and Photography – It really helps other designers in their own work and pumps up the competition.

Dude, thanks so much! 50 graphic design blogs. :o) I was hoping to find a list of ten good ones. This will keep me busy for a long time and give me some good ideas. I love using design sites just to see how they did their header.

Bookmarked! Before this list I only really knew about Smashing Magazine, thanks for the info.

Hi David!

And I thought I already knew a lot of design blogs. Turns out I know nothing-_-;; Have bookmarked this very useful list – lots of great sites in the comments alone!


Great list, David, thank you! I follow several of these blogs myself, trying to learn how to improve by reading those who do say it so well. Do you have any advice for someone who aims to improve their blog, and where they should start? Thanks! :)

Here’s my new opened design blog :D . I know it isn’t as good as the one posted in here, but I’m sure I’ll be able to grow this blog to be one of the best out there. :)

Have a look:

I see that the majority of blogs posted here are old blogs (some domains are even 13years old). But “a generation comes to replace another.”

Hi David,

Great post and thanks for sharing with everyone.

I just noticed that “Reflections” has been permanently pulled off, if possible update it.


Hi David,

I have recently created a website displaying some of my graphic design work and blogging about my inspiration. The web address is – see what you think!


Hello folks,

James here, design teacher at the St. Gilgen International School in Austria. Spreading the word of my design blog for the students, it’s a mix between advice for portfolio development, design inspiration and a forum for the students to display their work. The class is run like an agency with tough briefs and strict deadlines, would love to get your thoughts, have a browse if you have time!

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