I gave Austin Radcliffe’s blog a mention back in 2011 after his curation of reader-submitted images had me smiling. It’s worth another shout after this month’s launch of the accompanying book.

Things Organized Neatly book

Things Organized Neatly USA fruit and vegThe Voorhes

Things Organized Neatly watermelonSarah Illenberger

Things Organized Neatly screwsAdam Hillman

Things Organized Neatly popcornThe Voorhes

By Cincinnati-based Austin Radcliffe, with a foreword by sculptor Tom Sachs. Available on Amazon.com (.co.uk).

For some background info about the Things Organized Neatly blog, there’s a brief interview with Austin in Print Magazine from 2011. His content has followed a similar blog-to-book progression as mine. I’m sure it’s a popular route to publishing. Letters of Note is another like that (a great one, too).

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March 29, 2016


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