RAVPower portable charger

The RAVPower portable charger and torch, for example. I keep it in the car in case my phone dies or on the off-chance I get a puncture at night. Available on Amazon.com and Amazon.co.uk.

The Recorder, issue one

Monotype sent issue one of newly-launched The Recorder. Beautifully designed by Luke Tonge and edited by Emma Tucker, the issue features “both the heritage of typography, and its contemporary application, focusing on how designers have used and responded to type, and how its influence has played a role in our culture and daily lives over the years.” Available to buy.

Lapp iPad stand

For regular tablet users, this Lapp iPad stand from Griffin + Sinclair is designed and handmade in the UK from sustainably-sourced solid oak. Top notch craftsmanship.

KOH lamp

I was sent this lamp last year by KOH Concepts in Hong Kong. Made of lightweight plastic and fitted with a low energy bulb, it's recyclable and also good for outdoor use. More pics on The Moonberry Blog review.

Lelo smart wand

Particularly unexpected, Lelo refer to their Smart Wand as a body massager. You might call it something else, but tell you what, it’s a good massager. I grind my teeth while asleep, and every so often I can tell due to tension in my jaw that it's going to happen, so before bed I'll use this for 5 or 10 minutes on my jaw and neck. The result? Less of a headache in the morning, no sore jaw. Mains rechargeable, too.

Jimmy's Iced Coffee

I'd never tried iced coffee before Jim sent a sample. Nicer than I thought.