“It’s the result of an organisation’s behaviour created by the entire community that an organisation relates to. More organisations today understand that all of these people are customers and all create the brand. Those that buy, those that lead and work for the organisation, those that invest in or supply the organisation and those that just walk by and see it in the corner of their eyes. This holistic understanding of what brands are, makes working with them more exciting when I consider my future in this field of endeavour.”
— Michael Wolff

Michael Wolff in YCNPhoto from YCN magazine, via Creative Review.

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May 22, 2017


Being a member of the millennial generation, I think branding is the key to success for any company these days. If a company or organization has any intentions of succeeding they have to establish an identity that connects with people. Great post! Really opened my mind about the future of branding as a young designer.

Finally …someone gets it. I have been writing a book on this and Chapter 4 at the moment is called THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A BRANDING MEETING. ( aka a ‘results’ meeting? )

Yes, this is great. I love the point that he made it clear the brand is what other people think of an entity. So your brand promise or statement is just a wish. I’ve being struggling with different clients for the past 15 years on this topic. Many people, even organisations think the brand is the styles, logo, colour and more. Now the new thing is CONTENT, I feel we need to make it clear that content is dynamic and it flows in two directions. Firstly, from you to the market, Secondly, from the market to you. It is the second direction that makes the brand.

Salient point Soji BENN. A brand really is a result of different activities directed towards creating a perception… how a product or service is viewed. And it sure is a return journey… how you present your brand is the activity, how it is viewed by every stakeholder mentioned in the article is the result.

Good branding is making an awesome image. However, great branding is when the image you intended (result) is what people interpret it as.

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