Reportedly the best-selling poster in The London Transport Museum Shop.

The Tate Gallery by Tube poster

A fantastic poster created by David Booth some 25 years ago, where the paint tube shows the name (Pimlico) and location of the tube station nearest the Tate Britain.

"My 'Old Faithful' has always been a great door opener, conversation starter, (and job getter) and I'm proud and delighted it's appeal has not dwindled over the years as it approaches its 25th anniversary. The curator informed me that it had even been a major influence on a second, more recently commissioned poster, the Rorschach Test map by the artist Cornelia Parker."

Quoted from 25 years down the tube, on David Booth's blog.

The original artwork can be seen in the London Transport Museum.

The Tate Gallery by Tube artwork
Artwork photo by yorkshirerambler on Flickr.

The poster's also for sale on for £9.95.

Published by London Underground Ltd, 1986
Printed by Print Processes Ltd
Commissioned by Art on the Underground
Format: double crown
Dimensions: width: 508mm, height: 762mm (20 x 30 inches)

Here's that Rorschach Test tube map by Cornelia Parker in case you were wondering.

Cornelia Parker tube map

Via The Guardian.