September 10, 2012

Ask about the budget

"Not everyone knows what their budget is. And that's ok. It just means we'll discuss a few options. Some below your price range, some above. It'll take a little longer.

"But if you know what your budget is; let us know. It'll save us all from having to look at everything on the [car] lot."

You should read Mike Monteiro’s full post, titled Why I need to know your budget.

Dodge St Regis hood ornamentPhoto credit: Dodge St Regis hood ornament.

Some clients will say they don't know, perhaps because they're unsure if the figure they have in mind is suitable. For times like these here's a tip from Carlos Segura, founder of Chicago-based Segura Inc.

"When clients tell you they don't have a number, say, 'Oh, ok. So a $100,000 solution would work for you?' They'll quickly come back... 'Oh no, probably something more around $30K.' Bingo: That's the budget."

The sooner we talk to prospective clients about money, the less time wasted for both parties.

November 16, 2008

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How 20 designers charge their clients

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