I rarely reply to the weekly email requests that ask for spec work. For whatever reason, today I did.

golden ticketImage via Crankbunny.

Here was the pitch.


I'm reaching out to you to let you know about this unique project to work with DJ Rusko.

Talenthouse has partnered with KarmaloopTV and top English DJ and producer, DJ Rusko, to offer graphic designers the opportunity to participate in a worldwide project for which they can receive global recognition for their creativity.

The project asks that graphic designers design the official "R" logo for DJ Rusko which he will use on all of his merchandise and marketing material worldwide during 2011. The selected designer will also receive $1,000 (USD) for their design.

To participate or get more information, go to:


If you have any questions feel free to send me an e-mail.

And my reply.


Thanks for the kind offer.

In return, I'm reaching back to let you know about a unique project opportunity for DJ Rusko.

The project asks that DJ Rusko record and produce a new music track — one that mentions my name and my title as a graphic designer. I'll play the track on my website to a worldwide audience, giving full credit. I'll also pay $1,000.

If I don't like the track, or if I prefer one created by another DJ (I'm contacting thousands of others with the same unique opportunity), I won't play it on my site. Nor will I pay the monetary prize.

To participate, have DJ Rusko send the completed MP3 file to my email address.

Kind regards,


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