Spanish wasn’t one of the first edition translations, and I’d often been asked about it by Spanish readers, so it’s superb to see the second edition picked up.

Diseno de Logos

The book design and layout for translations has been handled by the publishers who buy the rights. I’ve read that this isn’t the case with every book deal. It is with mine, though, meaning that some of the “foreign” copies look quite a bit different from what I would’ve imagined.

Spanish copies are available from, Casa del Libro,, Santos Ochoa, Agapea, and probably elsewhere.

Thanks again, Grupo Anaya.

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December 9, 2015


Buenas tardes espero que se encuentren bien de salud, soy Fernando Jimenez diseñador gráfico y felizmente colombiano donde podre adquirir el libro en español obviamente!! Muchas gracias.

I just finished reading the Polish translation of your book and it was AMAZING! Very inspiring! There is a lot of simple, almost obvious, but important tips that inspired me to work harder and rethink some of my previous actions. I’ve got a huge portion of energy pushing me forward. Thank you!

I love this book :) It is the first design book I ever picked up.

You are a true inspiration to me, David. You are everything I aspire to be someday.

Thanks for all your insight! I know you share your hard-earned knowledge willingly and freely, so thank you.

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