Scott Naismith, Primary SkyPrimary Sky, watch the timelapse

Working from his Glasgow studio, Scott’s recent paintings focus on transitional skies and the colour that’s shown when light breaks through cloud.

“Clouds are visible masses of water droplets or frozen ice crystals suspended in the atmosphere. They have the ability to refract and reflect, creating an ever changing perception of light that inspires my use of colour.”

Scott Naismith, Arran SkyArran Sky, video commentary part one, and two

Scott Naismith, Harris LightHarris Light

Scott Naismith, Consonant SkyConsonant Sky

Scott Naismith, Cumulus LightCumulus Light

Scott Naismith, Diminuendo SkyDiminuendo Sky

It’s also great that Scott shares process videos on YouTube.

Via this isn’t happiness.