Founded in 2010, W—T—C (Wine Trading Company) is a Moscow-based wine importer and distributor. After a period of rapid expansion, growing to 50 employees with an annual turnover of €3M, it was clear to the owner that the previous logo and identity wasn’t befitting of the company’s work in the premium segment of the market.

WTC business card

A successful identifying mark distills a business into its most simplified visual form. In this case, W—T—C trade in alcohol, the defining compound of which is represented by a chemical formula. By mimicking the appearance of the formula, the W—T—C monogram and its adaptable formats subtly hint at the most basic compound in the firm’s product.

WTC signage

The chemical compound for ethanol (also called ethyl alcohol, or simply alcohol) is written as C2H6O, and when written in a symbolic format is seen as shown here.

Competitors in the Russian wine industry predominantly use colour palettes with claret and black. Incorporating purple helps to set the W—T—C brand apart, while a teal accent adds energy and memorability.

WTC ethanol chemical formula
WTC logo versions
WTC gift packaging
WTC catalogue
WTC van
WTC website

Client feedback

Very modern, simple, yet professional, and helps us stand out amongst the competition. The owners and sales team love it.

— Sergey Afanasev, import director, WTC

WTC posters

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