Wonder Years Psychiatric Services

Based in Brooklyn Heights and Garden City, New York, Wonder Years offer comprehensive diagnostic assessments, second opinions, and follow-up care for a broad spectrum of psychiatric conditions. They have a collaborative approach with family members, patients, therapists, teachers, psychiatrists, and all care providers.

Wonder Years logo

Studies suggest that when people look at fish in an aquarium they feel lower levels of stress and anxiety, and a greater sense of well-being. This helped to shape the design idea of “aquarium therapy,” which has been incorporated into the new logo and identity through symbolism, imagery, and colour.

Wonder Years binder

The Wonder Years symbol design is the combination of a circle (representing the circle of life) with five fish (one for each life stage — birth, infancy, childhood, adolescence, and adulthood).

Wonder Years logo sketches
Wonder Years logo development

With a considered layout, a “starfish” emblem is formed using the central negative space. In every culture, stars have acted as beacons of light that guide us through the dark, similar in many respects to the work of the Wonder Years psychiatrists.

The shape of the symbol has been kept purposefully simple in order to aid fast recognition and to allow for reproduction at all sizes without loss of detail.

Wonder Years symbol
Wonder Years business cards
Wonder Years logo lockup

The brand name is displayed using two complementary typefaces — New Zen (a rounded sans serif that gives a warm, calming appearance) and Hoefler Titling (a spirited old-style serif to add an air of tradition and expertise).

The project included the collation of a small, relevant brand gallery that allows flexibility in marketing promotions while retaining a consistent message.

A subtle blue mask was placed on top of the images so the colours within the gallery bear a slightly closer resemblence to each other. The mask also adds contrast between the photographic backdrop and the overlaid brand name.

Wonder Years leaflets
Wonder Years signage
Wonder Years poster
Wonder Years palette

Client feedback

I love the concept and the meaning behind the new design. When most people see the logo it’s the star that stands out. It starts an enjoyable conversation where the family of fish are the “aha” moment.

— Vikas Malik, MD, Wonder Years

Wonder Years logo

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