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Unforgiven Souls

Unforgiven Souls is a Mexico-based fashion brand with clothing for “rebellious 18–25 year-olds who break rules and traditions, forging their own path through society.”

During client interviews it was clear that the founder wanted the identity to highlight the burning of traditions to create a new beginning. It led to the creation of a flame-like logo that also signified the audience characteristic of “bright young things, chased by paparazzi who are fascinated by their outrageous behaviour.”

Unforgiven Souls business card
Unforgiven Souls logo sketches

Sketching uncovered a way to combine a stylised flame with a “US” monogram, designed with smooth, flowing lines to hint at elegance and luxury.

Unforgiven Souls logo

The colours of the backdrop further associate the identity with burning, while subtle changes in the graduation add a little freshness to marketing collateral.

The bespoke type design complements the character of the monogram in order to heighten visual balance.

Unforgiven Souls clothes tags
Unforgiven Souls logo signage
Unforgiven Souls website
Unforgiven Souls website
Unforgiven Souls website
Unforgiven Souls website
Unforgiven Souls wordmark
Unforgiven Souls bag
Unforgiven Souls boxes

Client feedback

The design is exactly what was needed, perfectly defining the brand. Thank you very much for all your attention. Forever grateful.

— Liliana Luna, founder, Unforgiven Souls

Unforgiven Souls catalogue

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