Tunelinks logo on slipmat


Tunelinks is a music website offering streaming and downloading. In a sea of competition the brand needed visuals to differentiate. The circular symbol design is a combination of vinyl grooves and the five lines of the musical staff (or stave), where each line represents a different musical pitch.

The symbol is paired with a contemporary sans serif wordmark, simple in appearance to match the ease with which Tunelinks users can find and listen to the music they enjoy.

tunelinks poster design
tunelinks logo lockup
tunelinks wordmark
tunelinks symbol
tunelinks wall banner
Tunelinks logo signage
tunelinks subway billboard
Tunelinks logo on headphones

Client feedback

I needed something that was simple and catchy. I thought David was the best person for this based on his portfolio and love for creating logos. He came up with exactly what I wanted — a simple, great design.

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