My Drum School

Founded in 2007, My Drum School is a specialised school in Singapore offering first-class education for drummers to achieve their personal goals. Having enrolled more than 3,700 students in the past decade, the school attracts drummers from music scenes, church teams, hobbyists, and kids of all ages.

My Drum School logo

The design brief included the need for a circular symbol that would fit seamlessly onto the front of a bass drum. Research showed that many student drummers feel inspired when they see the spin of drumsticks, and the school’s new symbol is based upon the rotational trace of that captivating movement.

While the old logo (below left) had been a mainstay with the company through its first decade in business, it was too detailed to adapt to every necessary application, and with an impending growth in studio locations around Singapore it was time for a change.

The new design (below right) is cleaner and simpler in order to improve flexibility and to increase recognition rates.

My Drum School logo old new

With such a difference between the old and new, it was important to retain brand equity that had been built around the existing colour palette of orange and black. Subtle differences in tone add a touch of professionalism to the new palette.

The four notches within the trace lines of the new symbol are positioned at 2 o’clock, 5, 6, and 9 as these numbers hold personal significance for the company founder.

My Drum School logo
My Drum School, Singapore
My Drum School backpacks

My Drum School’s YouTube channel has millions of views, so it was beneficial for the symbol to animate in a way that could form an ideal video intro. The animation above, crafted by Dan of Spin My Logo, works equally well with and without the accompanying brand name.

My Drum School brochure
My Drum School logo headphones

Client feedback

I had almost given up hope on finding a suitable designer to help refresh my 12-year-old logo, until I chanced upon David Airey. Not only was he very patient with me, answering all my initial questions, but he also shared his passion for design by educating me about various design technicalities. This helped me explain the design change to my team of 40 employees, easing my decision-making along the way.

David is an inspiring logo designer and a excellent educator. I’m incredibly proud of my new logo, and very grateful to David.

— James Pang, founder, My Drum School

My Drum School business card

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