Kairos store signage


Two partners with a love for shoes launched Kairos, a small but ambitious shoe retailer in Gloucester, England. They wanted a logo that set them apart from the well-known high street chains — a design more appropriate for a personal brand where the owners are the people you see at the counter.

A bespoke, handwritten wordmark was created with an appearance that’s not too dissimilar from a shoe lace. It was combined with a secondary identity element — a heart-shaped symbol representing the care and attention given by the owners.

Kairos wordmark
Kairos shoes
Kairos shoe label

A growing series of relevant marks can be used for special events and promotions, adding visual interest and flexibility throughout the life of the business.

Kairos logo
Kairos logo
Kairos logo

Client feedback

We love the “Love Shoes” idea, and how the symbol can be used in different shapes for different seasons. The mark clearly portrays what Kairos is about. Thank you very much indeed.

— Leon Gomes, Kairos Shoes

Kairos tennis sponsorship

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