Adrian Frutiger

Adrian Frutiger, 1928-2015

Sam Harris

It is always now

Officehours illustration

Now holding Officehours sessions

It’s All Our Blood poster, Harry Pearce

It’s All Our Blood, by Harry Pearce

London Vision Clinic hattrick

Giving voice to ideas

Pay Monopoly man

On getting paid

Schmidt pigeon loft

Pigeon Loft, by Schmidt Architects

The Art of Hermann Zapf

The Art of Hermann Zapf

Anish Kapoor Descension

Perpetual black water whirlpool

Fontstand foundries

Fontstand launches

Dyslexia typeface sketch

Typefaces for people with dyslexia

Flaunt book

Printing Flaunt

1 World Trade Center

New York skyline: 1500-2015

Renoir photo c1895

Renoir, My Father