Amazon Associates: $200.58
InfluAds: $1,428.00
Total: $1,628.58 (£1,000.86 GBP)

Amazon Associates
Each month I’m sent a cheque in the post for directing a few buyers to Amazon. I’ve previously mentioned the money I get for helping designers look sharp.

After installing the InfluAds code in the sidebar (since removed in a site update) to show the single, rotating banner, a stat-based monthly payment is received by PayPal.

My initial agreement with InfluAds was for a flat $1,400 per month, but because of higher than predicted stats during March (higher traffic, more ad clicks) I was paid a bit more.

Here are my Analytics stats for the month so you can see how many visits were needed. web stats March 2011 web stats March 2011 web stats March 2011

Perhaps the most important figure is the number of page views (or page impressions). This shows how many times the banner ad is loaded/viewed within the month. = 502,788 = 545,496 = 100,561

So during March the three sites had a total of 1,148,845 page views.

Dividing the page views by the payment tells a number of things.

1,148,845/$1,428 = 804

Meaning that for every 804 page views I earned $1.

So to earn $10 I needed 8,040 monthly page views.

$1 = 804 monthly page views
$10 = 8,040
$100 = 80,400
$1,000 = 804,000
$10,000 = 8,040,000

Or another way, for every 10,000 page views I earned $12.44. You could expect the following:

1,000 monthly page views = $1.24
10,000 = $12.24
100,000 = $122.40
1,000,000 = $1,224.00
10,000,000 = $12,240.00

It's probably not quite as straightforward — the number of clicks on each ad are also likely to be a factor — but it gives something to relate to.