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The sessions are prescheduled 10 minute calls with people around the world who want advice. An on-screen timer counts down from 10 minutes and ends the call automatically.

Officehours illustration

There are quite a few advisors giving their time to take calls on topics depending on their specialities. If you fancy becoming an advisor, read this, or if you think I can help, request a session.

In today’s sessions I was asked about switching to self-employment, brand naming, setting rates, and some other things. But ask me anything.

I was also interviewed for the Officehours blog. Catch that here.


September 8, 2015


It was a pleasure being able to speak with you this morning. I have a lot of work ahead of me and surprisingly, writing (and finding clients) may be the most challenging part. I’ll be deciding on some concept pieces to start with this week and giving myself a deadline to complete those. Thanks again for your time and for being a part of Officehours!

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