Octavio Ocampo was born in Guanajuato, Mexico, on February 28th, 1943. He showed his skills as an artist and sculptor from an early age and studied at the renowned San Carlos Art School in Mexico (now a museum).

Octavio Ocampo, General's FamilyGeneral’s Family

Octavio Ocampo, Family of BirdsFamily of Birds

“The longer one looks at his work, the more that is revealed. Faces come into focus at a distance and metamorphose into something else entirely in close up. Flowers become faces, mountains speak to each other, and mourners over a coffin become the face of Christ. His works are full of symbolism, endlessly fascinating, each revealing a new facet, different to each viewer.”

Octavio Ocampo, Sunlight's KissSunlight’s Kiss

Octavio Ocampo, Visions of QuixoteVisions of Quixote

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