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There are very few design blogs I’ve been reading since starting my own in 2006. One of them is Noisy Decent Graphics, written by London-based designer Ben Terrett of Really Interesting Group.

Ben’s been kind enough to write a review of my book, Logo Design Love.

But that’s not the only post you should read on his blog. These are great, too:

You can subscribe to Ben’s blog here. I recommend it.


June 9, 2010


Thanks, useful link – especially the bit about kerning. It’s strange, although I know what kerning is I’ve always been a bit nervous on the occasions (thankfully few) when I’ve had to do it. There’s a little voice in my head going: “You’re an illustrator. You don’t have a graphic design qualification. What right have you to kern things?” Mad, but true. Now, however, I shall kern with confidence. :)

Thanks David, your blog is like a ‘gateway to the world of graphic design’ to me. So many useful design stuff and links to so many terrific graphic designers out there, their blogs and again their links. I am learning so much.

That’d make a good blog feature, Robyn — showing a series of poor examples alongside the improvements. Keep it in mind in case fancy a guest slot here, or let me know if you ever show something similar on your blog.

I can’t wait to read the bit about kerning. I love kerning. Also nice to learn about important blogs by people who know what they are talking about.

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