Bank of America Tower New YorkBank of America Tower, from the Sofitel on W 44th

Rockefeller view of central parkCentral Park from the Rockefeller (looking north)

Rockefeller view of the Empire StateEmpire State Building from the Rockefeller (south)

Top of the Rock viewing deckTop of the Rock (lower level)

Strawberry FieldsStrawberry Fields, the John Lennon memorial in Central Park

Central Park squirrel on treeMet this guy in the park

Guggenheim New YorkFrank Lloyd Wright’s Guggenheim

Mill logoNorth Design’s Mill logo, I think

New York traffic lights

Brooklyn Bridge New YorkThe Brooklyn Bridge footpath

Broadway and Times Square at nightBroadway at night, toward Times Square

Empire State building at nightEmpire State building from the Top of the Rock

Brilliant trip.

I’ll definitely check Debbie Millman’s favourite NYC spots for the next visit.

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February 7, 2011


Great images David, I’ve yet to visit New York but it’s on my (ever increasing) list of places I’d like to travel to.

Like you I’m pretty certain that is ‘The Mill’s identity, if it isn’t then I predict a law suit anytime soon ;-)

These are bringing back some memories. I’ll definitely be going back in the very near future. But I don’t think i’d be going in January/February. It’s cold enough in the UK!

You two should go, Michael. It’ll be better during the warmer months.

Abbas, I said to my wife we should wait at least until March, but the time was right, well, except for the return flight which had to divert due to a medical emergency on board. And who’s bright idea at United Airlines was it to make the seat-back monitors touchscreen? The kid behind me was getting far too excited about one of the games on offer.

I went to New York a few months before 9/11. I had a flight with Air India that cost under £200 return via priceline when they had this amazing scheme where you used to bid on seats (this stopped and I think they were taken over as all web based firms seem to be after a while until there is very little choice left). I had a great time. My favourite building in NY (and one of my favourite buildings in the world) is the Guggenheim. It’s a great art gallery, but the guilding is the star. By far the best designed at gallery in the world. I want to go back to see the hi-line park that was finished recently, did you see it David?

“North Design’s Mill logo, I think”

I recently read a blog post about whether or not there is such a thing as “too simple” a logo. I wish I saw this logo back then, I would have used it as an example of a resounding “YES”.

That being said, welcome back, David!

Nice bargain, Lee, and I agree about the Guggenheim. Just like the last time I was there in 2001, most of the interior was masked due to an exhibition install, but I didn’t mind. I went to see the building.

I didn’t know about the High Line. Would’ve made for some excellent photos.

Thanks, Ash. I still think the Mill logo’s great.

Glad you had a wonderful trip David; great pics by the way. Its good to get away from design oftentimes, as you know—even though designing is what we love to do.

…I can see that even on a short break, logo design wasn’t too far from your mind :)

I double checked If I’m on a photographer’s blog or a graphic designer’s! Good eyes for a guy going pro. I love your night shot “Empire State building from the Top of the Rock”.

You know, Andrew, I don’t think it ever will be, but yes, great to take a break every now and again. Essential in fact.

Thanks Richard (and Dan, Leah) — Nikon D5000, an entry-level DSLR.

Adam, you should definitely visit, and my vote goes for at night (if you only go once).

Nice pictures, trying to get some EXIF from the images but having no luck, discovered at the bottom that you use Nikon D5000.

Nice pictures, again

Just got back from New York myself David. Did you get a chance to see the New York Public Library? The building itself is stunning and they had a fantastic exhibit on while I was there about religious texts in Islam, Christianity and Judaism. They even had a Gutenberg bible on display.

I agree, Jules. It’s a brilliant building. Took a few photos inside and out. The street at the front (and the front entrance) was cordoned-off for the filming of Arthur — with Russell Brand. That was on a Sunday — can’t imagine the film crew being allowed to do it on a normal week day.

I just noticed this post while subscribing to your RSS feed. I went to NYC in Spring 2006 and for New Year 2009 – loved it both times :) Did you do the walk over Brooklyn Bridge?

Glad you had a great time in the Big Apple. If you get a chance to visit again go around Christmas – I’d totally recommend it to see all the decorations… although it can be very very cold.

Hi David, I am off to NY in December with my wife and a couple of friends – can’t wait! Just got chatting with a guy from Bronx and he has told us about the eateries on Arthur Avenue Little Italy? Gonna take in MOMA as well, did you get the chance? Excellent pics by the way!

Not the whole way across, Rachael, partly because we took a long walk to the bridge. Thanks for subscribing by the way.

Geoff, MoMA wasn’t one of the galleries/museums my wife and I visited. In general, I tried avoiding things that were semi-work-related. I’m sure you’ll have a great time when you visit.

Thanks very much, Amanda.

Very nice shots – I’m going to be visiting NYC soon again but this time I think I’d definitely like to visit either the Top of the Rock observation deck or the top of the Empire State building, for some cool aerial shots like these =)

Superb pictures David – I have never been to NYC before but these pictures do make me want to visit (the city that never sleeps).

Are you still using the D5000? One of things I hate about it is the grainy-ness in night photography. I see that your photo of the Empire State Building at night from the Rock has the same grainy-ness, most noticeable in the sky. My partner and I got fed up with the grainy quality and moved up to the D7000 but we are still struggling with grain. Though we have been delighted with the quality at dawn/dusk and also have been playing with eliminating minor grain with HDR.

Your shots are gorgeously framed, obviously the designer’s eye.

Too bad you weren’t inside for a show at the Guggenheim. I go about once a year and the spiral space works amazingly well for many exhibits. The David Smith show, a few years back, moved chronologically from early work at the bottom to late work at the top. I’d love to see a Mondrian exhibit done there in the same way.

Still the same camera, Susan. Nice to get your take on it. See what you mean about the night sky. For my limited use the camera’s brilliant. Amazing what a half-decent SLR can do for you.

I was at the Guggenheim between installations, unfortunately. Same happened during my other visit to NYC in 2001. Maybe next time, though. Love the interior. Glad you like the shot framing. Thanks!

Hi David,

I’m intersted in your strawberry fields picture. Is it available for buying? I would like to use it as a poster in my room.

Thanks, Carolina.

It’s not, Carolina, but thanks. If you haven’t already, try an image search for “Strawberry Fields imagine” or “Strawberry Fields memorial.” Other websites seem to sell quite a few.

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