Luxe by MOO

This arrived last week.

MOO Luxe business cards

MOO Luxe business cards

MOO Luxe business cards

It’s the Luxe card, MOO’s most premium product, launched at the start of the year.

Mohawk Superfine paper is combined with MOO’s Quadplex technology to produce the 600gsm card stock (roughly twice as thick as a standard business card). There’s also an optional seam of colour within the layers. I kept it simple with black, but blue and red are available, or you can just stick with white.

MOO Luxe business cards

This imitation leather holder arrived with the cards. It’s just a little too wide, so the cards aren’t held as well as they could be, but it feels and looks better than the showcase holder I mentioned last year.

Giorgio Fedon card holder

You can fit 10 Luxe cards inside, so perhaps 20 of MOO’s standard stock.

100 cards, plus the Giorgio Fedon holder, and tracked delivery costs less than £100.

MOO Luxe business cards

They’re available in sets of 50, too, at £23.99 plus VAT (or $34.99 USD). That’s good value.

More info about Luxe on the MOO website.

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  1. Wow.. that is minimalist. But then again everyone and their mother has web connectivity everywhere these days so it makes sense.

    Just the website though…. new version of call me maybe card?

  2. Yes, they are awesome. I can attest to the quality after ordering from several other sites over the years.

    The best thing about them is the reaction I get when I hand them over to people. They always try to tell me I’m gave them too many cards…and I just be quiet and wait until they realize it’s just one ridiculously thick card. :D

    I like that case though…I have the cheesy plastic one, not a big fan of it.

  3. The only time I use cards is if I think I can help someone after we’ve been chatting about his or her job. So all I really want the person to do is to have a look at my website.

    Glad you got your own cards through, Andrea. Nicely done.

    The holder’s definitely better than the plastic one, Jared. It has a soft lining, too, so although it’s too wide, there’s less chance of scuff.

  4. I think they fit a person like you; who’s work proceeds his name. They are elegant and clean indeed, instead of any “clutter” or overdone design you have focused on the quality of the card itself, that tells, in my eyes more than anything you could have put on them.

  5. David, I’m sorry I have to ask now, it’s driving me crazy and I can’t decide: Which font-family do you use?

  6. Can’t believe I missed Knockout from hfj. Thanks for putting a stop to the mystery and my temporary insanity.

    Cards looks fantastic by the way. As you are the brand and the fact you probably make a memorable first impression, I reckon it’s quite the mark to be so minimal and I disagree with previous comments about taking minimal too far. I simply have the letter ‘D’ and a domain on mine.

  7. There is something spiritual about paper for me and I feel it’s far more aligned with our professional. I would like to hear if there’s an argument against this and what you think about “Plastic Fantastic” from Oomph

  8. > I think that’s taking minimalism too far :-)

    I dispute that. :) For me, minimalism is the key in this case. Everyone will surely check the website on the other side just through curiosity. ;)

  9. Sheesh. Minimalist. It does pique my interest, and were I given the card, I’d surely visit the website.
    David, what do you think about QR codes on business cards? Or a picture of a design on the back of a business card? It takes a way the minimalist element, I know, but does it grab one’s attention?

  10. I’ve never seen anyone use a QR code, C.J. As for a picture, it needs to be something appropriate, and something that won’t date. I’d not show one, but it could work for others.

  11. Beautiful cards from Moo. I was wondering about the thickness tho. I know for a while it was very fashionable for creatives to hand out thick cards that feels substantial. After being on the receiving end of these gorgeous but hefty beauties a bit too many times, I started dreading them because of the bulk it added to my wallet. I could only accept at most 2 or 3 of these cards and I am maxed out of space. I wonder if anyone else feels this way.

    In terms of plastic… I think as wasteful as paper products already are, plastic is even worse. Why would we as designers who controls the fate of pollution ever support cards in plastic? It’s a self indulgence that can not be justified.

  12. I’m not sure, Eileen, but I reckon most people only carry their own cards in their wallets. I wouldn’t leave the house with someone else’s business card unless I knew I was definitely passing it on.

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