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March 23, 2011


I love: “I’ve never seen a brochure that was written to be read. It’s written to be approved by somebody.”

I found this post to be a very refreshing, inspiring and influential start to my day. It was great to listen to a veteran if you were in the world of design and listen to his views on creativity.

As a 22 year old, I’ve been typically brought up in front of a computer with a pantone swatch in hand and a few books on the desk with some designs for inspiration. Watching this gives me the urge to get out and look at the inspiration and creativity that surrounds us everyday.

Nick Rawcliffe’s video on ‘Sustainable Design’ is also worth a watch, not as engaging as Michael Wolff however very interesting just the same.

Great talk, I totally agree with him on nearly every point, especially about the skyline of London. I think this raises another important point which is one reason why I don’t like a lot of the identities that parade various design and identity blogs on the internet. They are too aggressively corporate and take no notice of locality or people. The think I like about Michael Wolff is that he seems to look at things from a people perspective.

Not sure about the other talks, I’m a huge fan of It’s almost replaced normal TV for us and we have played some of the talks at local festivals etc.

Everyone has mentioned enough about how refreshing an inspiring this video is. I want to add how classy VIMEO’s interface of videos is compared to YouTube!

Bank building in Riga that Michael mentioned, I thought exactly the same when I first saw it.

I am happy that I learned what a great man is Michael Wolff.

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