The Mine Kafon is a landmine decommissioning device that takes its inspiration from a childhood toy. It's a wind-blown, bamboo-spiked ball that loses one or two spikes with each landmine detonation.

“Made from bamboo and biodegradable plastics, the Mine Kafon also has an integrated GPS chip. You can follow its movement on the website and see were it went, the safest paths to walk, and how many land mines were destroyed in that area. On paper, Afghanistan is said to have 10 million land mines. In truth there are far, far more. Every destroyed land mine means a saved life and every life counts.”

During the shooting of the film (above) it was proven that the prototypes work. Now Massoud Hassani is in the process of finding collaborative partners — technical companies, funders and Governments — to start production of the Mine Kafon.

Mine KafonPhoto by Erwin van der Zande

Massoud Hassani. Designer. Life saver.

Massoud Hassani

Video by Ardent Film. Via @mikeindustries.