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  1. Looks like a great book, I’ll have to go take a look at it. Thanks for sharing David.

    I’ve also learned that we Canadians and Australians get ripped off on book prices!!!

  2. @Brian / David: Yeah, the Europeans get ripped of a little bit also! Works out to be $61 for the Europeans compared to $35.00 in America!

    One reason why I moved away from Ireland ! I could go on all day about price/product comparisons between rip off Ireland and the States!!

  3. Hi David,

    I was born in Ireland, moved to the States at age 2, moved back to Ireland age 10…..then moved to the States at 22. You are originally from the North aren’t you? I was up there once on a trip with Shelbourne FC, and our team bus got smashed up near Windsor Park from kids throwing large stones thru the windows!!! It was crazy… White car registrations aren’t safe in those areas!

  4. Hi David
    This is a great book and one I’d forgotten, I used to loan this from my college library during the time I was a design student. It contains the classics, some timeless identites in there. I never bought it, I was a student! But will be adding it to my collection now, thank you for the heads up!

  5. Thanks for this David. I’ve been after a logo book for awhile now, I’ve just been finding it different to find the right one…

    I was wondering if you’ve got any opinions on the new Adrian Shaughnessy book, Cover Art By?

    Keep it up!

    Regards, James George.

  6. That’s right, Brian. My family are all there — why I’m thinking about a return. Did you play for Shelbourne? Shame about the trouble. Things have improved, but there are quite a few idiots.

    Supriya, you’re very welcome. Glad you enjoy Logo Design Love.

    Gareth, I know exactly what you mean. The library was an ally back then.

    Jenna, my pleasure.

    James, not always easy finding a good book with so many available. I’ve not yet seen Cover Art By. Do you have it?

    Sherif, no worries, and thanks for the visits.

  7. Cover Art is going to be my next buy along with this one I feel… I’ll let you know my opinions! I’m going to see Adrian Shaughnessy’s talk next month in Newcastle. I’ve just been accepted into Northumbria University so I’m really excited and looking forward to the challenge.

  8. Wonderful book. I am a big logo fanatic. Many humans need help and can benefit from this book. It will make the world a prettier place.

  9. I don’t have one logo design book yet. But this seems a good one! Thanks for sharing. Few weeks back, I’ve purchased a book with the title:

    A Genius For Geometry by Daud Sutton
    Published by Wooden Books Ltd.

    I guess this is worth a look and buy (only GBP 4.99) ;)

  10. Hi David. I live in russia, because I have bad English.
    An interesting book. This description brands and companies? And this can be ordered from you?

  11. Absolutely awesome, I think I’m going to ask for this book for my birthday. I’ve been looking for a good logo book for a few months and this one seems to have all of the best.

  12. I like the look of this!

    It’s something i’ve been considering buying for a while but there’s so much choice and i’m sure a lot of them are not great standard.

    It’s good to have a recommendation by somebody that knows the field, thanks for the tip.

  13. I use this book myself when trying to come up with themes for my websites/blogs. To the people thinking of buying the book, it deffo rates in the top 3 Logo books I currently own.

  14. Tis indeed a good book for some of the best recognised logos in history.Logo books are so damn expensive over here I haven’t bought many – very jealous of the 300+ collection! We do have a few good ones in work though, such as the Logolounge range.

    I’ll have to ask Rafie where he got that Islamic design book for a fiver. It’s £22 on Amazon :S

  15. David:
    Great post and I’m looking forward to reading the book.
    Take a look at Lovemarks, by Kevin Roberts of Saatchi & Saatchi. The subtitle is “the future beyond brands.”

  16. its pretty cool to see the method some designers use when working on logos. effectively this book would be a great tool to any graphic designer. Its also cool as hell to see how back in the day a lot of these designers didnt go for just the most appealing design but rather gave their creations a specific artistic quality/flavor. definitely something I gotta pick up.

  17. Hi David, bit off topic but wanted to thank you for your comment earlier today, much appreciated. As yours was the first comment on the blog I’ve discovered that I need to work on my comment CS styles as they currently look like part of the post, not good! So a double thanks! Gareth.

  18. What the hell, $60 in Australia? Nearly double the price, sheesh. I just checked the our library and they have two versions of this book (another one called function and variety of trademarks) so I’ll have to borrow that tomorrow when I get to Uni and have a read over the weekend, along with the freelance rock star book. Thanks David for the recommendation.

  19. James, I hope the talk is great, and that you learn plenty in your design programme.

    Sander, looks like another great book. Thanks for the link.

    Rost, you can order the book from Amazon. Click any of the links in the post, or search the site.

    Michael, hope you have a great birthday.

    Shaun, there is indeed. It’s not easy choosing one. This one comes highly recommended though.

    Ray, I’d love to know what other logo design books are in your top three.

    Steve, where do you work?

    Nancy, I’ve been reading Kevin’s blog for a while now, and I’ll definitely check out Lovemarks. Thanks for the tip.

    Jacob, quite the rip-off. Interesting how there’s a differently-named version. I wonder if there’s much of a difference.

  20. Oh, and Gareth, you’re very welcome for the comment on your blog. It’s a pleasure to submit the first. I agree with you about the comment styling.

  21. Thank you David, I hope you don’t mind but I need to get in touch with Shaun who’s posted a comment on this article, I’ve tried to post a comment on his “10 apps for mac” post on his blog but when I hit submit it just says “sorry we couldn’t find that” I then tried to email him through the site and it did the same thing, just thought I should let him know, somehow. Could you pass this on David. Many thanks Gareth.

  22. @Gareth: Thanks very much for posting about the comment problem (and thanks to David for emailing me so soon, long before I would have read it here)

    After spending the whole day fighting with WordPress I have finally fixed both the comments and the contact form!

    It would be great if you went back and posted your comment, it’s such as shame as the article received over 600 unique visitors and I’m sure many of them must have tried leaving comments and been frustrated when they failed. I’m going to have to get thinking what to write to top that article in terms of popularity!

    Thanks again!

  23. Hi Shaun, no problem, glad you managed to get it sorted. It is a good article. All the best with the next audience pulling article!

    Thanks for passing on the message David! Cheers Gareth

  24. Hi David. This book is excellent. Really makes you understand ths origin of trade mark as the human need for identification and preference for ¨differentiation¨, as Marty Neumeier said in his book The Brand Gap.

  25. I can’t believe I never heard of this book! My past professor, Dick Felton, did the redesign of the Texaco mark. This might make it on my Christmas list (if there’s still time). ;)

    Thanks for the review!


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