I had a go with the free trial. Excellent. And at $9 per month (or $89 for a year) it’s a fair bit cheaper than a stock photography subscription. You can cancel at any time if it’s for a one-off project or occasional use.

LiveSurface Context

All the available contexts are here.

LiveSurface Context

Try it for free (Mac only), or read a few words from Creative Review’s Mark Sinclair.

Top work, Josh.

Free LiveSurface codes

Josh gave me seven codes so you can get the high-res, non-watermarked mockups for free. I’ve got five 1-month codes and two 1-year codes. To enter, share a recent identity project that stood out from another designer or studio (just to add some interest to the comment thread). I’ll randomly draw names next Wednesday (6th November) and email the codes.

The magnificent seven are Nick Wilmot, Laura Miller, Anthony Schmiedeler, Richard Knobbs, Jess, Steve Perry, and Richard Baird. Codes on their way.

More design mockup resources.

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October 31, 2013


Interesting bit of kit, will definitely look at using it for client presentations. Little concerned that designers may be tempted to render out conceptual work with a photorealistic finish and pass it off as a live project. Difficult to compete with.

I really do believe that taking the extra time to put a design concept in context is well worth it. It aids highly in selling your concept to the clients when they see it in context. Glad to hear about this add on for Illustrator! Are the giveaways only compatible with Mac as well, or will they work with PC?

First thing that came to mind, Richard. There’ll be better ideas but I thought it might offer up something new.

Nick, one of my favourites, too. The handcrafted approach works brilliantly.

I like that, Laura, and other work coming from Moodley.

Sherrie, it’s only available for Mac, unfortunately. I’m not sure if Josh will release a PC version.

I can only imagine the committee in the ITV project, Paul. Fair play to Rudd and everyone involved.

Anthony, that’s the idea — useful for quick mockups. It leaves more time for the earlier idea generation. Nice choice with Dickies. It’s good to see a company’s history remembered like that.

Very nice, Richard. Flexible, appropriate, understated.

The Klavika customisations are an improvement there, Steve, for the brand name at least. Good share. I’m not keen on that Edison quote, though, “To invent you need a good imagination and a pile of junk.” It associates Autentika with junk.

No convention, Rich, just an idea to share the work of others.

Looks like a really useful tool. Are there multiple options for each type of mockup? We do billboard mockups a lot. Always looking for some quicker and newer options.

Wow, this is a really great tool! I guess I won’t be needing to open the 3D software as much anymore. I love how these tools are becoming more relevant to our needs.

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