Letterpress note cards

Letterpress note cards

Back in May I showed you my note cards from Moo. Evan Calkins of Intrinsic Studio saw the post and let me know about his new calling-card company Hoban Cards.

“Each calling card is hand printed on a 1902 Chandler and Price letterpress. For $75 you get 100 personalized cards with your name and the option of either your email or phone number printed on 100% 110lb cotton paper.”

Here’s a short video of the letterpress that Evan “threw together” using his GF1 and iMovie (email subscribers can watch on-site).

A sample arrived this week, and I photographed a couple alongside Moo’s offering (shown below). I increased the size of the wordmark before supplying files).

Letterpress note cards
Note cards from Moo (left), and the letterpress equivalent from Hoban Cards (right)

Here’s a Flickr set showing all 1500lbs of the 1902 Chandler and Price letterpress being moved from the basement of a print shop (where it sat unused for 50+ years) to Evan’s garage.

I still use/like the Moo card holder (shown on this post).

Hoban Cards. Definitely worth a look.

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  1. This is some very nice work. Always thought about getting some letterpressed cards done myself. My logo would look great done this way. It’d add that extra dimension. Anyone know of any good UK letterpress business I could try?

  2. David those look awesome. I got mine done here in South Africa at a company called ‘the letterpress company’. 2 colour, 300gsm, ivory 100% cotton paper, with rounded corners. You can see them on the home page of my website – http://www.thebrandshop.co.za

    I absolutely love the way clients interact with them unconsciously. It really does create the right impression.

    Worth every penny.

  3. These are beautiful David.

    I had my new business cards letterpress printed a few months back, in fact I keep meaning to write a blog post featuring them.

    When I hand them out people usually make a positive comment about how tactile they are. I got my printed at http://www.blushpublishing.co.uk/ they were excellent to deal with and really spot on when it came to the details and finishing, can’t recommend them enough.

  4. I really like the cards your friend did for you, especially the depth of the letter press on them. I may have to look into getting a set of cards done there myself.

  5. The letterpress cards look nice. I’ve found that letterpress speaks to our service offering honestly. Inked metal pushed into a toothy sheet says more than any over designed, 4 color piece of communication. Caveat that it’s designed correctly of course.

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