Ray Charles letterhead
Ray Charles

Saul Bass letterhead
Saul Bass

Mad letterhead
Mad — during the reign of Al Feldstein

Michael Cooper letterhead
Michael Cooper

Muhammad Ali letterhead
Muhammad Ali

Andy Warhol letterhead
Andy Warhol

Paul Rand letterhead
Paul Rand

Letterheady is a side-project from copywriter Shaun Usher.

Via Imprint.


April 25, 2011


LOVE Ray Charles letterhead, probably because of the wit using the music scale as lines, the rest are nice, but they don’t make you think.

Robert Brownjohn must of been a shoe salesman in former life to sell that his clients letterhead needed his name on it. Brilliant.

Thanks for the link—some very formal, some very funny, some just make you want to think. One of my favorites was the Harpo Marx letterhead. Not everyone can get away with a letterhead like that :)

I like Ray Charles, really distinctive with the music sheet and choice of color! Muhammad Ali’s and Paul Rand’s were both simple and elegant which kind of fits them too.

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