Since 1998, Tony Spaeth updated his Identityworks website with constructive reviews of noteworthy identity projects.


Thank you for all you did, Tony. Your online presence was always highly respected, a credit to your vast expertise.


December 8, 2014


I have known Tony for years and have always appreciated his professionalism and perfectionism. He was an advocate of expertise, as demonstrated by his website. I enjoyed being listed there and will miss that association.

Never heard about Tony and his website, but it appears that lots of who’s who of the business world must be frequenting this website for updates and find out whether they have been acknowledged or not. By retirement what do you mean, has this website been taken off?

Will really miss Tony’s site. It was a wonderful resource and a beautiful place to visit repeatedly. I’ve been fortunate to get to know Tony a little — a very smart and classy guy who knows what he is about. His New York State license plate number even reads IDENTITY. I kid you not.

I loved to know his opinion on new designs. I am sad that its content is gone also. It should be kept online. It is a huge loss.

So sad. I will definitely miss the site.
Can someone tell me how/where I can download some materials from his Tools page?
Or can you share if you have something from there?


I miss Tony Spaeth. Who knows where I can find him? I would love to send him an email. Thank you.

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