Identity Designed The Process

Identity Designed: The Process

Research, Strategy, Design, Implementation

Delve into the fascinating world of visual identities with Identity Designed: The Process, an essential resource that guides you through the four fundamental stages of the design process: research, strategy, design, and implementation.

While my previous book, ID, took you on a journey behind-the-scenes with sixteen stellar design studios around the world, this new title takes a different approach, allocating more time and space to the methods involved in transcending client expectations. 

Identity Designed: The Process

As well as sharing lessons learned from projects I’ve worked on throughout two decades as an independent designer, I also feature compelling case studies from design studios such as Frost*collective, Pentagram, Bond, Bielke&Yang, Manual, DutchScot, and many more. These case studies serve as illuminating examples, showcasing the application of effective identity design principles in everyday contexts.

Whether you’re a student or teacher looking for an updated reference, professional designer wanting to grow and refine your skills, a design enthusiast seeking inspiration, a marketing expert needing to improve company communications, or a business owner aiming to enhance your brand’s visual presence, Identity Designed: The Process is an invaluable resource. It will help you make intentional creative choices to positively shape and transform the visual world around you.

Identity Designed: The Process


Baxter & Bailey (Brighton)
Behalf Studio (Saigon)
Bielke&Yang (Oslo)
Bond (Helsinki)
Christopher Doyle & Co. (Sydney)
Classmate Studio (Helsinki, Budapest)
Common Curiosity (Birmingham)
Counter Studio (Bath)
DutchScot (London)
Eight (Hong Kong)
Frost*collective (Sydney)

M — N Associates (Saigon)
Manual (San Francisco)
Paul Belford Ltd. (London)
Pentagram (New York)
Reed Words (London)
Standard Projects (Melbourne)
Studio More (London)
Supple Studio (Bath)
The Click (Norwich)
The Made Shop (Denver)
TOOOT (San Francisco)

In addition, the book highlights thoughts and advice from leading creative professionals, past and present. In these cases I’ve used words from elsewhere — a quote here, a diagram there — but I greatly admire these people for their wide-ranging experience and wanted to at least give them a mention.

David Abbott
Richard Baird
Saul Bass
Michael Bierut
Ian Cartlidge
Jim Davies
Rob Duncan
Blair Enns
Ken Garland
Bob Gill
Milton Glaser
Seth Godin

Stef Hamerlinck
Jessica Hische
Russell Holmes
Mark Hopkins
Michael Johnson
Andreas Friberg Lundgren
Marty Neumeier
Al Ries
Paula Scher
Ben Terrett
Alina Wheeler

Identity Designed: The Process

In others’ words

Identity Designed: The Process stays true to what the accompanying website has always stood for — well-curated pieces of work with exceptional writing that respects the process, appreciates the obstacles, and celebrates the creation. This start-to-end coverage is precious and crucial to proper creative dialogue — something that is getting increasingly scarce nowadays. David has inspired me and everyone at Fable for more than a decade, and again reminds us that well-paced design writing and respectful design discourse still exists in the world.

Atop superb layout and impeccable exhibits are incisive studies of the processes essential to the success of identity design assignments. I highly recommend Mr Airey’s new book to those interested in corporate identity specifically, and branding generally. I’m certain it will prove as valuable a guide to clients as it is to designers.
— Lindon Leader, Leader Creative

This book is a gem! Gorgeous and so informative. It will be a great resource for those involved with design and branding.

David Airey continues to produce some of the best books on branding. His new book breaks down the process of creating a brand identity into four sections that are accompanied by both current and historic implementation. This digestible read is a perfect addition to the shelves of both upcoming and senior designers as well as anyone interested in working in brand communication and development. It’s definitely one we will be using in the studio!
— Matt Lamont, Design Reviewed

With Identity Designed: The Process David Airey has pressed his years of masterful brand stewardship into an exceptional gift to the field. Using case studies from some of today’s premier identity masters David illuminates the sequential path of research, strategy, design and implementation. Whether you’re laying the creative groundwork for your own company or are a designer preparing to breathe life into the next great brand, this identity roadmap is a cogent read that deserves your attention.
— Bill Gardner, Gardner Design

Please consider making room on your bookshelves for this absolute beaut from David Airey.
— Matt Baxter, Baxter & Bailey

Identity Designed: The Process

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