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“[Bill] Bernbach and his legions created product ads that connected both rationally and emotionally. More often than not every frame of the TV spot or every visual in the print ad featured only the product. Today it seems most every ad is an ad for the category. The new Beats headphone ads are a perfect example of this. I’m supposed to buy Beats because a well-muscled superstar does? Really?”

That was George Tannenbaum on his blog. George shared this classic Pan Am ad (below) from the Bernbach era, by Carl Ally (1924-1999). No need for special-effects.

That’s an ad.


October 24, 2014


This is fantastic. I never fall for any advertising on TV, or pretty much anywhere these days, but this guy made me think, he actually made me want to go to Europe.

I wish advertising was like this more often.

Thank you for sharing.

It’s unfortunate that our attention spans and desire for a more rational, emotional connection to what we purchase has dissipated down to entertainment achieved within 6 seconds.

How many people do you think would react to an ad like this now?

Funny how times, and advertising, change. This ad was really effective, I can only imagine how much planning went into it, especially to make it look so easy.

This is so cool! So much like real life when a marketing executive come to out door and tries to sell their products. No fancy music, locales and animation, just sheer personality and the refined way of speaking.

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