I started this blog in 2006, not really knowing what I was doing. According to FeedBurner stats, the RSS subscriber count has risen to 87,698, and here are a few things I've learned along the way.

1/ Focus on what you enjoy

Two things here; focus and enjoyment. When you focus your content on a particular topic or profession, your readers know what to expect, and they're more likely to subscribe. Unless you enjoy what you're writing about, you'll soon get bored and give up.

2/ Share your mistakes

We all make them. Few of us share them. You tend to open-up more when you talk about getting things wrong, and it's that personal touch that'll help keep readers interested. Here are some blog mistakes to avoid if you're starting your own online journal. And perhaps one of my biggest mistakes — neglecting email security.

3/ Comment elsewhere

You’ll undoubtedly know others with their own blogs. They’ll have more people reading their comment threads, too. Join the chat, share some advice or opinions. You might learn something from the threads, too — I certainly have.

4/ Make guest appearances

Offer guest posts to blog owners who have built their own subscriber base. I did this on a couple of well-known blogs, and although I've looked back wishing I could press 'edit', it was still worthwhile. One thing to remember, offer your best writing. Don't hold the good stuff back for your own blog. It's your chance to make an impression on a different audience.

5/ Make it easy to subscribe

Seems obvious, but there have been plenty of times when I've had to search for a subscription button or link. Additionally, not everyone knows the benefit of RSS subscriptions, so offer an email alternative.

6/ Publish consistently

It doesn't matter if you publish a new post every day or every couple of weeks, but consistency breeds familiarity, leading to trust, and eventually sales of some sort. We all have something to sell.

7/ Don't sell out to advertising

By all means make money from your blog, but don't hide useful content behind blocks of Adsense, popups, and a raft of flashing banners. Instant turn off.

8/ Social proof

We avoid the empty restaurant in favour of the busy one next door. To a certain extent the same applies to our websites. Some people think it's boastful to show a subscriber count. I don't. But avoid using the FeedBurner chicklet (or whatever alternatives are out there) until it shows more than 500 or so.

9/ Don't sweat the numbers

It's easy to become a stat addict, constantly looking at numbers, charts, graphs, wanting to see a continual increase and wondering what you're doing wrong if you don't. Try to treat each reader/commentator as if s/he's your only one. This one at a time focus keeps your writing personal, and people will subscribe to your blog because of you.

10/ Be positive

The blogs I enjoy most remind me from time to time how fortunate I am. Millions struggle every day to have the life I lead. What do I really have to complain about?

A sincere note of thanks for taking time to read what I have to say.