Local construction codes of Mar Azul in Beunos Aires restrict the removal of trees, so instead of relocating the house, the architects Martín Fernández de Lema and Nicolás F. Moreno Deutsch decided to build the house around them.

house among trees

More photos on ArchDaily.

Via ISO50.


April 30, 2010


A real-life Lothlorien, cool. The house itself doesn’t actually do it for me, but I love the principle. And I notice they’ve left the trees room to grow, too. But I wonder how they dealt with the problem of tree roots playing havoc with foundations and so on? I’m curious now!

I love homes that are integrated into nature rather than decimating nature to build. Great image!

I love this. There is some cutting edge architecture in Latin America. I love how the house leaves holes in the overhang for the trees to grow through. However, if it’s made with concrete it is one of the most un-environmentally friendly substances to build with (although there are alternatives).

I think there is inspiration outside of the just looking at logo’s and symbols. Thanks David for posting this.

I’m sure it wasn’t easy, Kate (with the tree roots).

Mark, the photos on the ArchDaily blog show other buildings nearby, so it’s not as remote as these two pictures make it look.

Lee, I’d thought of adding a new category to show my architecture likes, but I’m not sure. There are a lot of other blogs dealing with that side of design.

Beautiful. It looks like a modern take on FLW. I’m actually planning to build a house in a similar environment (although not for a while) and pictured something very much like this.

What a wonderful idea! It must be a pretty interesting neighbourhood and I can imagine a wealthy family staying in a set of houses like this with each member in a different house.

Architecturally very cool, but not too much of a fan of the garish orange on the outside.

Must be really scary to look out of the windows at night.

I’ve been living in Buenos Aires for 4 years now and last year a few friends took us to Mar Azul for a short holiday and i fell in love with place. Beautiful forest and tranquil, right on the beach.
A couple of month ago we went back and bought a plot of land. 20m x 30m, full of pines and a 10 minute walk to the beach. Now we’re just trying to sell our apartment in the city to fund the build of one of these houses. They’re as amazing as they look.
The water is drilled into natural underground springs, there is electricity and the gas is bottled.
It’s not a secluded as the photo suggests but it is a very relaxed place and a great get-away from the city.
Looking forward to getting started.

Good luck with the project, Allan. I hope it works out brilliantly for you. If you get a chance (and if you can remember — my memory’s not so hot) it’d be great to see photos after completion.

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