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  1. The first thing came to my mind as I saw the “Sounds Like Architecture” logo was the leaning tower of Pisa, so Italy not Canada. Thanks for the share David.

  2. Sounds like Architecture is quirky and great! In my opinion the country is irrelevant as it is obvious the designer is referring to architecture.

  3. These are brilliant, especially the first three.

    I would have expected the velodrome logo to be mostly wood colored, though.

    The mint logo is a bit nebulous to me (yes, I get it, but…). And the lettering is a bit of a mess, IMHO.

  4. Mint logo. Love the icon but the text is a complete illegible mess. It’s like one person designed the text and the other the icon and they didn’t talk to each other.

    Velodrome logo is great. Maybe would like to see a version without the gradient shadow but that’s being picky.

    All Canadian Grain just makes sense and is simple.

    I want to love the Architecture/Jazz logo but I just can’t. Maybe if it were for classical music or for a tenors production I could see the connection. The Pisa tower just doesn’t work for me. I would have asked to explore other more relevant structures because the core idea is there.

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