Girls’s Life, Boys’ Life coversPhoto by Matt Frye, One Tree Studios

Headlines from Girls’ Life include “The New Denim Checklist (get ready to hear ‘I love your jeans’),” “Wake up Pretty (because mornings are rough),” and “My First Kiss.”

While Boys’ Life is all about exploring futures.

This dumbing down of what young girls should be interested in is nothing new, but I’m glad designer Katherine Young called it out with a quick mockup of her own cover.

Girls’s Life cover, by Katherine Young

“‘Wake Up Pretty’ was the most glaring part for me. There it was next to a girl who had went through a professional photoshoot and been touched up digitally and we are telling our daughters to look like her right out of bed.”

Girls’s Life cover, by Katherine Young

Matt and Katherine have both generated a ton of media coverage in the past couple of weeks.

Doing good > looking good.

Via Quipsologies.


September 26, 2016


1. If the girl really really wants to explore her future, she would just take the boys’ magazine.
2. I know why there’s no girl magazine that looks like the boys’ magazine: because no teen girl would buy it. We call that free market.

Thank you so much for posting this. This issue has been on my mind for so long!

Regarding the comment about teen girls, I would buy it as a teen, and I would buy it for my daughter if I had one. In the same way, I won’t prevent my son from choosing nice clothes or becoming a fashion designer.

Although altogether, I wouldn’t mind if there was something called xxx’s Life (Teen’s Life?) where the topics would not be so stupidly divided into genders. Meaning — to be interested in fashion does not necessarily exclude interest in science, right?

In any case, you and your daughters might appreciate this site:

xxx’s life?
That would be like a 1000 pages to cover all the possible fields?
That’s sad to see what political correctness has done to you.

As much as I understand your point about the free market I still think it’s a sh*tty reflection of the society we live in and we should strive to change it for the girls and boys of the future. Right from the beginning, boys and girls are treated differently and this influences the topics and subjects that they feel comfortable expressing public interest in. I remember being teased by other kids as a young girl for buying Mad Magazine (and sometime Cracked, which in my opinion wasn’t near as good) as well comic books since “they were for boys.” I can only imagine the bullying that were to occur if a boy were to pick up a copy of Vogue magazine!

What stops a girl buying a boys magazine?
Girls are more likely no to like blood, explosions, heavy machinery and things like that.
You are basically saying that a girl can be a girl as far as they meet your standards.
That’s why so many good artists and creatives are quitting this sick field.

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