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“The era of Ed McCabe, Lois, etc. is gone. There are NO leading creative voices in todays ad world. The stars of our time are relegated to be stars among other creatives only, relegated to the fame of the awards, not business success.”

An interesting quote from George Tannenbaum’s Ad Aged. Could the post just as easily reference the design profession, instead? Via @MilesNewlyn.

Drink packaging that makes you thirsty just looking at it. Via @MatDolphin.

Bofrost drink packaging
Bofrost drink packaging

Our most difficult client.” Mytton Williams reminisce about their past self-promotional work.

Pencil calendar
Pencil calendar by Mytton Williams

I like this quote about blogs by Trent Walton.

Head along to London’s V&A for British Design 1948–2012 — an exhibition running from March 31st to August 12th. Via We Made This. The johnson banks blog has a whistlestop tour of the show.

100 logos from American and Canadian railroad companies.

Great typographic cover design for Marketing Magazine, by The Partners.

Inflatable letters

“If you’re working in Accounts Payable and you hate the company’s new logo, the people who created it should and must ignore your opinion. It just doesn’t matter to anyone but you.”

Quoted from Seth Godin’s post about opinions and entitlement and why you need to be careful who you’re really listening to.

Another post from Seth, the essential question to ask before extending your brand.

Kind of intrigued by the Mosser project.


Khoi Vinh talks about one aspect of paperback books that isn’t available in their electronic counterparts.

“One thing I had completely forgotten about is how communal popular books can be. A few people have spotted “A Game of Thrones” in my pocket or saw me reading it on the subway and then started friendly conversations with me about it, something that never would have happened if I were reading it on my phone, where every book is effectively invisible to everyone but me.”

I suppose many would prefer that public reading didn’t attract communication from others, and I can appreciate that, but it’s a shame, really.

I’ve had a Titanic overload recently, particularly living in the birthplace of the ship, but this five-minute data visualisation is very well done. Via Russell Davies.

For the design students and recent graduates, NYC-based Wolff Olins is accepting applications for a paid summer internship — one I would’ve loved back in the day. Closing deadline April 18th. Be quick!

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  1. Reading Trent Walton’s quote about Blogs makes me think you have hit the nail squarely on the head David! You have invited us to the breakfast table! Thanks for the invite it is always a memorable time!

  2. Those orange bottles do make me thirsty.

    On the public reading thing, I think there are other good reasons for a paperbacks too — I like the tactility, and unlike music, we don’t need 1000 books with us — we just need the one we’re reading. So why not paperback?

    And, what better way to market a book than to display it on a bookshelf that’s joined to a coffee shop? Even if people choose to download, physical books might stick around for that reason.


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