From the reader #23

“A daily 2014 calendar that reflects the off-road spirit of Land Rover. Colours on each level represent different months and the numbers on the side of each page show the remaining days of the year.”

Land Rover topographic calendar

Land Rover topographic calendar

Land Rover topographic calendar. Brilliant. By Zeynep Orbay and TBWA Istanbul.

This is a great Jaws book cover.

Pejac Line

Pejac. My kind of artist. Via Colossal.

Pejac Line

I’d go for the Lifta desk organiser over the Quirky Space Bar. Via Shoebox Dwelling.

271 years before Pantone, an artist mixed every colour imaginable in an 800-page book.

Chapp is a new discussion platform built by the people as smashLAB. It’d be great to see this grow into a place to get constructive design feedback.

Massimo Vignelli Makes Books is a top short video by Pentagram.

Richard Seymour and Heston Blumenthal talk about the brand identity they created for the Perfectionists’ Café in Heathrow’s terminal 2. I love the craftsmanship that went into the café signage/machinery. Via @RichBaird.

Picturing stepping out my door onto this.

A bit of productivity advice for those working from home, by Matt Gemmell.

Earth from the ISS

Photos from the ISS stop me every time.

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